Major Lag Issues 1.3.1

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Fluxty, Aug 6, 2012.

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    if you are using build 2322 and still experiencing lag its mostly your plugins, try disabling most of them and only use the ones you actually need, most 1.2.5 plugins use hooks that are used by other means so it results in reduced performance
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    Still crashes... * sigh *
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    How many plugins do you have? Are they all updated? What build are you running?
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    i was running the RB, but i updated to the most recent dev, but theres no difference, and i have these plugins:

    SimpleBackup, WorldEdit, TempestEnderCrystal, WhiteMessage, mcjobs, Buycraft, CreativeNoItemDrop, AdvancedInventoryManager, BOSEconomy, Vault, Multiverse-Core, PlotMe, WorldGuard, HomeSpawnPlus, CasinoSlots, CapsBlock, iSafe, VoteChecker, Announcer, SafeCreative, bPermsRank, xWarp, Lockette, SimpleSpleef, VoteNow, AutoSaveWorld, Votifier, IcePvPControl, mcMMO, Essentials, MagicCarpet, Citizens, ShowCaseStandalone, bPermissions, EssentialsSpawn, Multiverse-Portals, Multiverse-NetherPortals, redProtect, VotifierScripts, EssentialsChat, Factions, AntiCheat

    I updated to the beta build of factions, and its running way smoother now :D

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    I am experiencing the random lag spikes of death as well. Yee old WARNING THE SERVER CAN NOT KEEP UP, issues. This just started happening with 1.3.1 bukkit. I am useing the recommended version. I have checked several times and have determined that none of the plugin's I am using are effecting the performance. Anyone got any ideas how to fix this? I saw the view distance thing... Our view distance is 6, but we have save-on.
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    Good to know.
    Use the latest dev. It fixes a few things. Put your view distance to 10 for now and see if that changes anything.
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    that makes no sense. Do you know how many more chunks per user per second has to load with view distance set at 10 say versus 5 or 6? that is Much harder on the CPU...
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    You should read the post on the last page.. There is a bug with view distance below 10. Until it's fixed, use 10.
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    I have no lag issues at all. I am running over 100 users on my box at all times, one a tekkit server, the other a bukkit 1.3.1 server with the latest bukkit build - My box uses java 1.7, all I did was remove the old java 1.6 garbage collection code from the start up line and all is good.

    edit - I have a view distance of 6 set for both servers
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    Had this also, but only with first 1.3.1 builds
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    You have more plugins than me, but we have similar plugins.. hmm.. I'm on Java 6 right now, I'll try Java 7 and see what happens. I'm curious to know what you current start up script is? Are your specs better than mine(in my sig. somewhere on this page)?

    Update: Java 7 seems to be running really well, but until peak times come, I won't really know. Java 6 was working better for me on 1.2.5.
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    this is my start up script. As you can see I am using the newer garbage collection code for java 1.7

    -Xmx32768M -Xms16384M -XX:+UseG1GC -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=100 -jar craftbukkit-1.3.1-R1.1-20120808.120731-5.jar nogui -nojline

    As for my server specs:

    Description: Intel Xeon E5-1660 (Sandy Bridge-EP 3.3ghz)
    Number of CPUs: 1, with 6 total cores
    Speed of CPUs: 3.30 ghz
    Type of CPUs: Intel Xeon 6-core
    Amount of RAM: 64 GB
    Standard hard drive size: 0 GB
    SSD hard drive size: 240 GB
    OS: Linux
    BF3 slots: 0 [​IMG]

    As soon as I adjusted my startup line all my lag went away. As I said I run three servers on this one box, a Bukkit server, a Tekkit server and a Vanilla server. Both the bukkit and tekkit servers have 50 - 100 users on each during peak times. Both servers have about 60 plugins
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    That's a nice server you got there :p Yeah, I updated to Java 7 and changed up my start-up script and it runs noticeably well. Thanks :)
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    lol no problem. I just wish more people would take my advice....been doing this for 2 years now and I've seen just about everything
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    I've been doing it for about that long too :p
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    I use shared hosting, so it isn't quite as simple as changing the startup script for me.
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    Is what I highlighted the lag fix?

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    It will really only work if you use Java 1.7 but yes, that is the updated GC code
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    If you guys check the dev website, the bug reports, and what bug fixes they have applied since the last RB you will see where at least part of the problem is.

    The current RB is having an issue with commit to disk, every 45 seconds it commits to disk and the server "pauses" or lags. You may see one processor max out during this time. Somewhere around build 2322-2323 (I forget exactly which one, I'm too lazy to go back and find it again) you will see code changes to the commit which seems to cut the lag in about half but not completely eliminate it. So they are definitely aware of the problem and working on it.

    Keep in mind this may not entirely cover your own individual issue, the easiest way to determine if it is something you have done or if it's the server is to disable all plugins and compare base minecraft server with base bukkit server, if running properly then enable one plugin at a time.

    Something else I found after playing with this for a bit. I issued the /save-off command and I have my server GUI kick off the /save-all command every 15 min. Yes that could be 15 min of lost work, but the lag is gone except for one 2 second spike every 15 min.

    Much better than a 2 second spike every 45 seconds.

    Edit: Correction, there is NO lag spike now. Apparently the issue is with the automated save-all command. Manually issuing it causes no major lag. CPU still takes a small hit but not even getting overloaded messages anymore.

    Edit Again: This issue has been reported in the following JIRA tickets.

    Additional Update: It has been found the /save-off /save-on and /save-all commands are not functioning as required. Chunks are not being saved when saving is turned off then back on or the /save-all command is issued.

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    I've noticed that the longer my repeating task runs the more often it begins to cause massive lag spikes and sometimes crashes the server when broadcasting messages at certain intervals.

    If there is any known fix to this problem it would be appreciated.
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    rolling on 5 tps avg.. LOVE IT
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    1.3 is laggy.
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    By this you mean what common man knows as Java 7 correct?
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    Anyone have any other news on these lag issues?
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    Thats shared right? Why would any server use 64gb of ram, even with like 200 people online I don't see it going past 30gb of ram usage ever.
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    Looks like one of NFOServer's dedi boxes, not sure why anyone in their right mind would pay $380 / month for it but hey, not my money.
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    I paid double that for a computer of my own that runs my server.. Difference is that I own it, not rent... He probably has one of those mega large servers where people don't really play, they just walk around in spawn and troll. xD
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    I pay over 700 a month for mine, tsk tsk tsk Those DDoSers....
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    wow really guys? nice assumptions. Yes it is a dedicated box from NFO, yes I pay $380 a month for it but I haven't actually had to pay for my server in over a year, it is totally supported by donations. We run three different servers off the box, one being Tekkit so the 64 gigs is nice to have
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    So does anyone actually know how to fix or at least get rid of the lag spikes for now untill there is a fix?
    I seen that -Xmx32768M -Xms16384M -XX:+UseG1GC -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=100 -jar craftbukkit-1.3.1-R1.1-20120808.120731-5.jar nogui -nojline in the startup
    file would help... anyone else tried this?
    Also someone said something about the auto save-but their post was a little confusing so Idk if they said it actually helped or stoped saving chunks altogether. any input anyone?
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