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    18 months of free time coding have me maintaining 5 great plugins. I need several someones to take over my various projects so that servers who depend on them will continue to enjoy those benefits. :)

    If you are interested, please contact me. I prefer someone who's already been developing at least one plugin for some time (demonstrated knowledge and commitment). You don't have to take ALL of my projects. If you're interested in EVEN ONE, please do contact me.

    My plugins:

    GriefPrevention - Very complicated, requires lots of free time. If you maintain this, you'll be a hero - it's a good replacement for World Guard, LWC, Lockette, and lots of other anti grief plugins. Feature requests are very frequent.

    AntiXray - Easy to maintain, very few feature requests. Very popular, cheap alternative to orebfuscator.

    PopulationDensity - Medium difficulty, a few recurring feature requests here. It implements a login queue with priority and ensures new players start directly in a good place for building instead of running all over the place looking for space and ore.

    TekkitCustomizer - Medium difficulty, very few feature requests. Makes anti grief possible on modded servers by implementing a VERY easy to use item ban system.

    ExtraHardMode - Medium difficulty. Adds LOTS of new game features to make the game harder in an interesting way, designed for players who think hard mode is boring.

    I will happily accept anyone who can do the work on a first come, first serve basis. Thank you!
  2. Mind putting links into the thread?
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    I'll take one.
    The Anti X-ray you said is the easiest so I'll be happy to maintain it.
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    Only one I have experience with is GriefPrevention and it is pure superb-ness and a plugin that SHOULD be continued. Would love to give it the support it needs, but not sure I would have the time.

    In fact, have a bit of a homage to GP in my next release. Using the glowstone/Gold brick flags to mark boundaries in a mod I'll release this weekend.
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    Legit No personal offense intended - but if someone can't be bothered to use a search box to find the details of my plugins, he certainly too lazy to maintain them properly. :)

    Geekola I'm very glad you like the plugin so much. I do worry that I will not find someone who has both the necessary technical skill and is willing to commit the necessary free time to maintain it. :) No one has spoken up yet about maintaining Population Density. Are you interested in that one? It should be less demanding on your time, and it's not as technically challenging as GP.
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    Now before I ask for a certain plugin. It may not look like I will be suitable for it. But I have unreleased to the public things. I'm currently working on a essentials plugin for my servers. And also working on a MiniGame plugin. That will hopefully be somewhat successful. I also have other plugins but don't really support them much(Dont use anymore). And once the host that I run my servers on is backup. I can host a server like you do. Also the plugin I want is Extra Hard Mode

    Edit1: Since their is a change people will take Extra hard Mode from me. I will also Accept Population Density

    Btw for anyone here is his bukkitdev:
  7. -.- Grief prevention and AntiXray are common names dude. -.-
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    I could maintain AntiXray or ExtraHardMode or TekkitCustomizer
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    CeramicTitan Retired Staff

    bigscary...You are a very good developer and have been one of my favorite developer in all of bukkit. I'm not usually the one to openly come out and admit something like this, but I will give credit were it is due. This is a real upset, that you have to do this. I hope to see you around soon.

    - Ceramic

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