MagicBuildMode - v 0.0 - Build with the power of your mouse

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by JoeMaximum, Feb 7, 2011.

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    Here is a future plugin i will eventually release.


    Features :
    - Commandless building tools
    - Work with permission
    - Only enabled when user have a stick in the first slot, otherwise nothing will work.
    - Stick : Selection Tool - Select 2 points to define an area to work with.
    - Slimeball : Brush Tool - This allow you to place/replace/stack blocks
    - Ink Sack : Fill Tool - Allow you to fill/wall/box a defined area
    - Leather : Eraser - Use it to fill an area with air, or right click to erase the aimed block
    - Watch : Daytime control - use it to change Day/Night
    - Compass : Teleporter - allow to teleport at sight, trhough wall/floor/ceiling
    - Sapling : Tree Mode - Right click to select the tree type, left click to plant tree
    - Egg : Mobs Mode - Right click to change mob type, left click to throw an egg with 1 selected mob in it.
    - When in MagicBuildMode, you are invicible to all damage types.
    - When in MagicBuildMode, placed blocks will be replenished in you inventory.

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    Added the demo video to understand a bit better whats this all about
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