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    Hi, on start - sorry for my bad English, I'm not 'murican at all D:

    What I am requesting is plugin, that I searched through hole bukkit for. I wanted to do SMS shop on my multiworld server, but I don't want to force them to be on server when they buy items. For example: They are on freebuild world, but if they buy item kit made for survival, they're gonna stay with useless items on freebuild (I separated inventories).
    And I got idea 'bout plugin - two chests, for example on spawns - freebuild and survival, which inside is different for every player. On start, chests are empty, but if I type command like /something <chest name> <player name> <item id> <amount> (f.e. /mc survival SidiXis 2 64) it would place items specified in command into specified "magic" chest.
    I really hope you understood me, trust me, it's not easy :G

    I'm gonna use "template" for second idea, because I needed to explain last one by myself :G

    Plugin category: Umm... It's hard to define..

    Suggested name: Incognito

    What I want: Simple thing - plugin which makes players defined in permissions completely invisible for players without one. When player has that permission, he would be invisible, without that potion particles, couldn't attack anything, break, or get attacked or even spotted by mobs. Player wouldn't do join/leave message. He/She would be completely "Incognito". I need it for live-time spectating YouTubers server by regular players.

    Ideas for commands: /ic - info abou plugin

    Ideas for permissions: incognito.invis - when enabled, user will be "incognito".

    When I'd like it by: I don't really, care, we're opening server on Saturday, but SMS Shop and spectating could wait.

    I REALLY hope you understood my "message".
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    Mathias Eklund

    For the chest thing, enderchests might work? Or are you talking about different servers? idk that much about enderchests though, so i might be wrong.
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    I don't want enderchest, because I will have Alpha world, so they could transfer items normally unavaible in Alpha between enderchests.
    Thanks for response anyway ;)

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