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    If anyone can bind abilities to certain items than this is something that goes out to yall.

    Things I'd like to be in it:
    -Config where you can pick any item in minecraft and bind it with any magic spell
    - Make it so that if you left click with the item that you already set up in the config and the spell will be casted
    -Make cool down rates

    Thank you for reading this.

    - GearZX
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    Isn't this an exact description of MagicSpells? :p

    I'm pretty sure you can bind it to any item. If not, there are a ton of generic spell plugins out there...
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    um... what? can u format your poste? i don;t get it...
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    No, I'm looking for something much different, I want to be able to bind it without using any commands so that whatever I binded it to, everyone else can do the same, without binding it. So for example, I bind some lightning spell to a book, everyone who lefts click with a book would cast the lightning spell, also, magic spells outdated.
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    I think he means, in the config, you can for example bind a stick to ''fireball'' so it already is bind to a stick.
    So people do not have not bind it with commands.
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    Yes that is exactly what i meant.
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    Interesting idea. I would like something like this too.
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    MagicSpells can work exactly like that. And it's not outdated.
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    Just go in the config and change the fireball spells default item or something to a stick,feather etc.
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    Yes, but I want my own cooldowns, skills, stuff like that, I don't want it all binded to those axes and tools, some of the skills and magic i want binded towards maybe a book, flint, etc....

    I'm not looking just for the fireball spell, I also want cooldowns for these spells.

    I also don't want any use in commands to do this, just a simple use of the item and you use the skill.

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    GearZX Not trying to be offensive,but other people would have broke and raged at you right now,but look at the magicspells post before saying anything.It can do exactly what you want.A cooldown yes.Bind it to a book yes.Why not?(I feel you didn't read the magicspells post at all and just decided to reply).You don't have to use commands if you bind it to the item in the config. nisovin correct me if I'm wrong.
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    I've read it a before, I know it can bind and all but I'm not sure what to do with it, it's quite complicated.

    I've also tried and still am using it, it's a great plugin, yes, but I'm just trying to see how it works.

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