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    I am not a plugin writer, thats why i posted it here. This is idea for a cool plugin called MAFIA.
    All players sits on a city square around the fireplace (you could use chairs plugin?)
    At the start players gets a random role.
    There are 3 mafia, some citizens(with roles like jailor, mayor, citizen, sherif, spy, investigator), serial killer, witch?
    Each night mafias, and serial killer kill 1 person.
    At the day town votes to lynch who they think the mafia is.
    Person lynched gets oportunity to defend themselves at trial.
    Then person dies if found guilty.

    And then another night, another day ect

    TILL only mafia, SK or town is left

    its very popular mod on starcraft2 (
    somebody make it happen! It shoudlnt be hard, cause everything is happening mostly on text!
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    I thought of a plugin like this but it was more geared towards creating different 'clans' or mobs and within these mobs players could order hits on people or order a building to be destroyed and they would have to go and find the building or person and do what is required. I tried to make this plugin a year or so ago but gave up on it due to its complexity and coding skill requirements which at the time I did not have. But now I may try and remake it.
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    would be cool
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