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    I included the source there (so that people could see it was possible).
    Modify it! Add more listeners! Add different commands!

    It's all yours folks, I didn't even put it on dev.bukkit.org - you can! Just credit me as the original author of the code and you're all good.
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    I'll look up how :p It's just that I'm a senior in high school working on college apps and I don't have too much time for Java; still, this plugin seems pretty unique, I'll look for something. Thanks for the work!
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    Hm i saw that too
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    I think I will make it.

    EDIT: Made it, now creating a project in bukkitDev.

    Took long to create the actual project page. Here's the link: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/sky-changer/.

    I fixed bugs and made it easier to use. The bugs involved:
    • Loose dimension on respawn.
    • Make all player inventory invisible on change. (You had to somehow update it manually).
    • If you were flying on change, then you would start falling.

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    Link dont work :(:(:(
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    Do you enjoy digging up dead things?
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