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    I have been if it is or will be a sky changer plugin
    that makes that you can change the sky in worlds to end or nether like red sky in a normal world
    will be freaking AWESOME! :) Please replay.
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    Don't think you can do this with a plugin...? Not 100% sure as I'm still new to Bukkit.

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    Why you no format???
    Read the sticky!!
    **[READ ME FIRST]**

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    I did'nt know if it was one im sorry in if i am wanting to make a plugin i want the command my self. I dont see why that would be needed i think that modders want to be creative but is that wrong?
  5. I think you can use WorldEdit.
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    Just out of curiosity but how would you do this with world edit? The closest thing I can think of is biome changing, But I don't know if the nether classifies as a biome?

  7. Look it up idk
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    I looked it up Nether is a biome but as i can see it is only changing the grass/other changing stuffs i want to set the color in the sky to End/Normal/Nether like
    /setsky {Nether|End|Normal} {world}
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    Y U SO MAD?
    Format is an example post, not required.
    Its just easier to read and understand what the person wants.
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    please remove [req]

    Also you cant change the sky color. its a texture, probs ab able to be done with spout.
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    It would be good i you could read the hole post before saying that it does'nt work... As i said i want to set the sky to
    not change it to green or somthing
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    But It's client side, so you can't change it
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    Hmm No i think its possible! Only change the world to a nether world and make the generation still normal.
    Im sure it works!
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    Won't work, you would have to do this with a texture pack. A plugin wont change anything image wise.
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    Actually, this is possible, it could be done just how orebfuscator does it, sending the client fake packets, but instead of blocks, biome...

    The sky changes in between biomes... send the client fake packets saying its a "hell" biome or whatever...

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    That's still nothing in the api, you see with orebfuscator it sends fake blocks to the server. You can't send pictures of fake sky to the server and expect it to change.
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    This is possible, but every other texture(except for the sky) would be change to default, as you'd need to modify their texture pack using packets.
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    Lol. That seems like a lot of coding work, I'm out. :(
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    i dont think sky is included in texture pack.
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    At least the end sky should be, or else it would only work if someone uses MCPatcher/Optifine.
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    Ok, stop with the bad knowledge.
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    Does that mean that... You'll do it? :D
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    Multiworld gives you the option of making three type of worlds;
    "Normal", "Nether" and "End".
    If you want sky black, like in End just make a End world, than use world edit + a biome changing plugin
    to change the biome to normal, eg; "desert", "swamp" or "forest".

    Than do what ever you want,
    one thing that may work, not sure if it will as I never got into using this command is using World Edit
    do //regenerate (Or something like that) that makes trees etc. So re-forest a Forst biome.
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    And do it in 50 lines.

    package de.bananaco.change;
    import net.minecraft.server.*;
    import org.bukkit.*;
    import org.bukkit.command.*;
    import org.bukkit.craftbukkit.entity.CraftPlayer;
    import org.bukkit.entity.Player;
    import org.bukkit.event.*;
    import org.bukkit.event.player.PlayerJoinEvent;
    import org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPlugin;
    public class WorldChanger extends JavaPlugin implements Listener {
        public void onPlayerJoin(PlayerJoinEvent event) {
            Player player = event.getPlayer();
            if(getConfig().get(player.getWorld().getName()) != null) {
                setDimension(player, getConfig().getInt(player.getWorld().getName(), 0));
        public void onEnable() {
            getServer().getPluginManager().registerEvents(this, this);
        public boolean onCommand(CommandSender sender, Command command,
                String label, String[] args) {
            if(args.length == 2) {
                if(Bukkit.getWorld(args[0]) == null) return false;
                org.bukkit.World w = Bukkit.getWorld(args[0]);
                for(Player p : w.getPlayers()) setDimension(p, getDimension(args[1]));
                getConfig().set(w.getName(), getDimension(args[1]));
                sender.sendMessage("Set world: "+w.getName()+" to dimension "+getDimension(args[1]));
                return true;
            return false;
        public int getDimension(String input) {
            try {
                int i = Integer.parseInt(input);
                if(i == 0 || i == -1 || i == 1) return i;
            } catch (Exception e) {}
            return 0;
        public void setDimension(Player player, int dimension) {
            CraftPlayer cp = (CraftPlayer) player;
            Packet9Respawn packet = new Packet9Respawn(dimension, (byte) 1, net.minecraft.server.WorldType.NORMAL, player.getWorld().getMaxHeight(), EnumGamemode.a(player.getGameMode().getValue()));
            org.bukkit.Chunk chunk = player.getWorld().getChunkAt(player.getLocation());
            for(int x=-10; x<10; x++)
                for(int z=-10; z<10; z++)
                    player.getWorld().refreshChunk(chunk.getX()+x, chunk.getZ()+z);
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    MobDisguise in 50 lines now! :D
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    gtfo :p
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    Nevermind. sky <world> -1 is nether. sky <world> 0 is normal. sky <world> 1 is the end.

    When you die then respawn the sky is normal..

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    I installed this plugin using the link from codename, and I used the plugin /sky world 1. The problem is that this command interferes with Essentials' command for /sky which changes the weather. Is there any way that you could change the command, or make it configurable in a text file?
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    Modify the plugin

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