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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by J0shua, May 23, 2020.

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    There is a plugin called simple machines it is a very good and unique plugin, unfortunately the author has not released updates since 2018. He has also been inactive on bukkit and spigot since then so I thought it would be futile to contact him and ask for an update.
    Baisically, since I believe this plugin has a lot of potential and I have not seen anything similar to this, if you'd like to update it and fix bugs or code a whole new plugin similar to this, I believe it would come out really good.

    Plugin Name: Simple Machines
    Author: Manolo8
    Plugin Description: A plugin that allows you to buy, and build machines that require fuel in order to produce certain materials. (If you're intrested just watch the video on the plugin page which is a lot more detailed)
    Plugin Link Bukkit:
    Plugin Link Spigot:
    Plugin Source code: (Published by the author)

    I know it says on the guide you shouldn't ask for plugin updates or fixes but please undestand that it's very unlikely the author is going to update this resource. Also I have not found anywhere a place for these specific requests.
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    @J0shua It is all rights reserved, can't do anything with it.
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