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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by hawkfalcon, May 19, 2012.

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    thanks, but i decided to delete everything and restart the process all over, but some of the items wont delete. i can be very idiotic at times...
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    Uploaded new version! (V0.3)
    *More automation
    *Bug fixes
    *Clearer and solves many problems people ask about
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    can u pls update on 1.3.1?
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    Okay:3 later today. Maybe.
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    Absolutely brilliant, I don't need it as i now run my server on my ubuntu system but this application written in applescript is well done. Props!
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    Updated, now lets you select which build you would like to use, and fixed a major bug that nobody told me about.
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    Eversince i put stop in the Terminal to turn off the server start server comand does not work
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    Try restarting computer and try again, if that doesn't work come back.
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    Steam Engines

    I wish I saw this when i set up my server ;3
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    mine says outdated server everytime i access it!!!
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    If you updated your client you will need to use the dev build :3
    What is your server version, (says on startup), and what is your client version?
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    I keep getting this in terminal whenever I try to run start_server.command
    [WARNING] The exception was: java.net.BindException: Address already in use
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    You already have a server running or you didn't stop by typing stop. In terminal, type killall java. If that doesn't work, restart computer and all will be good. Also, make sure you keep ip: blank.
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    Meen who later i can see my ip? i already program it automatic not manual
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    ??????? English please!
    This program automatically copies your ip to your clipboard.
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  19. Hi, your installer is awesome, but I did not understand something. On the last page where it says port thingy, I click next and it dissappears. Then donate window comes. Is it done?

    EDIT: I can join server using localhost.
    EDIT: Nevermind, figured out. Installed Hamachi. I will ask again if it won't work :D Thanks for the installer :)
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    Haha you were supposed to click on "port forward guide" if you needed help. :p
    And hamachi sucks. Better off port forwarding. :D
    And no probs.
  21. Well, found out hamachi sucks by myself :D port forward guide did not had my router, and forwarding manually did not work for my server for a reason. I used a program called port map which is basically a port forwarder. But i can't test my server because my only friend who has minecraft is on vacation. If i give you ip, can you try to join just to see if it works? Just joining? I will pm you the ip if that is ok :)
    Edit: I had time to make my friend to test the server for the first time, so that is how i know it did not work for forwarding manually.
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    Have fun:)
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    I completely agree... I don't need this, but saw the MAC ONLY tag and had to take a look. :D
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    Mac FTW
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    I set up a server successfully with AutoBukkitServer. I was able to connect to it using localhost, but for some reason people are not able to connect to it with the numerical server address that AutoBukkitServer said would work. Is there something additional that I need to do so other people can connect to the server?
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    Have you port - forwarded?
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    Not exactly sure what that means.
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    How come I can't set it so that Gamemode will save the gamemode?
    I don't want people to log in to Survival when a Restart Occurs. Nor Creative. :(
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    What? It saves it...
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