[MAC] [NETWORKING] Computer stops allowing new connections upon computer sleep

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Lying_Cake, Mar 12, 2013.

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    This problem might be better suited in an Apple forum, but im going to see if anyone here has hit this problem before.

    My computer stops allowing new people to connect once the computer falls asleep. I settings, i have the 'Wake on Demand' toggle set on, so thats not the issue. This did not use to be a problem for me, it began a few months ago but it took me awhile to realize what the exact issue was.

    I've temporarily remedied the issue by setting it to only let the display sleep, but i feel like this is a bad long-term solution. Has anyone else had this issue, or can anyone help me fix it?

    OS Lion 10.7.5
    Mid 2010 21.5" Mac
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    When you put computers to sleep it turns off most of hardware and mainly keeps the RAM running no machine acting as a server should ever fall a sleep just turn your screen off...I know nothing about Macs but whats wrong with letting the display turn off?
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    Try this. I used it when I ran a server on my Mac, until I finally got a host.
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    As fussionzz97 said, when your computer goes to sleep it essentially "shuts off." No programs are really running, it just saves the state of what was going on before the computer went to sleep.

    As far as I know, the only way to fix this would be only having the display shut off.

    tl;dr sleep = off, meaning no programs running, just saved for faster boot.
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    Im not worried about the display turning off, just that it would be running 24/7 with no sleep mode. Maybe (probably) im paranoid for no reason. I seem to remember it not closing the connection when it went to sleep before, but I must have had it set not to sleep or something. Thanks for the replies everyone.
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