lvl128 BLOCKER - If you hit someone with a lvl128 enchanted item, item is removed + does no damage

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    Plugin name: lvl128blocker
    Description: Basically I had a staff member that gave out a bunch of lvl128 enchanted items.
    Lvl 128 Enchanted swords, armors, bows, dirt, ect..

    I need this plugin to block PVP and remove the item.

    When a player hits another player with an item, this plugin checks if that item has ANY lvl 128 enchants, and if it has any lvl 128 enchants on it, that item is removed.... AND the player getting hit does not receive any damage.

    So: If you hit someone with a lvl128 enchanted item, item is removed + does no damage to player

    No Permissions, no one can bypass this plugin.

    No Commands.

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    I have a plugin that removes any enchants that are higher than the normal level, so if you had sharp 6, it would remove it, but sharp 5 is okay.
  3. MomsKnife could you post a download link please
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    NEED THIS! But could you modify it so it allows Sharp 10 and lower?
    We have contests and we give out sharp lvl 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 out.
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    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Here you go :)

    Set "Use-Default-Max-Enchants" to false in the config to set your own max enchant levels.

    permission "betteritemfix.notify" will tell you in chat when a player has an item taken.

    Didn't include a reload config command, so you'll have to restart the server or use plugman to unload/reload the plugin after fixing the config to your liking.

    It checks an item when a player holds an item, and when a player clicks on an item in an inventory.
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