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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by PickleTit, Nov 8, 2014.

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    I am looking for a plugin that when you teleport to a player a effect happens say bats form around you or you get smite'd a load of times.

    Kind of like a way to signify my power :3

    Those were just examples I am looking for someone to make one or if one is already created if someone can tell me what its called.

    Thank you alot!
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    You want a teleportation plugin that plays effects upon an OP teleporting, or tap into Essentials and play Effects?
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    I suppose, I have seen it on another server before.

    I told the owner to TP to me because I found a glitch, he teleported and lighting stuck him and bats circled him and went away
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    Which one? lol
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    Anyone is fine I am just looking for something that people can tell/say "Oh god the owner is here!"
    like smite I guess since it would be alot easier.
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    It is possible that he is using VanishNoPacket and did /vanish off. However, I know what you are requesting, but I am too busy (and lazy) to make it for you right now, sorry. If nobody makes this in a few days, I will give it a crack.
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    Ok thank you. And thank you again for explaining it <3

    OH MY GOD.. I am so sorry how idiotic I was being I was so tired when I was answering you.

    I was looking for something that effected OPs teleporting. Weather its making a teleportation plugin/using one thats already created or tapping into essentials as long as it concluded with OP teleporting and making a special appearance.

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