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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by rykuu, May 25, 2012.

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    I am setting up a home server to host all my Minecraft stuff on, and I will be adding webpages to it to (forums, web registration, buying ingame stuff, etc.) so I am looking for some cool things to add to my website that connect to the server. Does anyone have suggestions? things I am looking for include:

    Live updating map
    web to game chat (like PM's or mail)
    online shop (where you buy VIP's and other things)
    registration (add players to whitelist by registering to website)

    any other cool things like this are greatly appriciated.

    edit: by the way, it is a spout supported server
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    anyone have any suggestions for web stuff?
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    Live updating map: Dynmap.
    Web to game chat (like PM's or mail): Dynmap has this added, there are also a lot of IRC to Game plugins.
    Online shop (where you buy VIP's and other things): Buycraft
    Registration (add players to whitelist by registering to website): What forum software are you using?
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    Thanks for the reply, I will look into the Dynmap. Buycraft is ok, and I will probably use that. The forum software I use is phpBB3
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    As requested, forum bridge plugin. If you don't like Dynmap I know of two other 'Live Map' plugins. BuyCraft is by far the best in its category. I don't honestly know of any others.
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    Thanks for the help. This will all be of real support to my server. wish me luck in finishing the setup for my server ^_^

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