Looking for someone to help me with my code/Java

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Exoaria, Mar 13, 2013.

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    I've been making an awful lot of posts on Bukkit forums with the problems I'm encountering and I'm getting better, but I think that foremost I should gather up some people to befriend and learn Java with.

    No matter whether you're very good with Java, or still learning, I'd really like to talk to you and discuss Bukkit/Java/Plugin Development. There's a lot of things I'm confused about, a lot of general questions that I have and I think we can help each other.

    I also think that my problems are becoming more complicated as I learn more of the language and to have someone I can relate to on a personal level would be a lot more effective as opposed to making numerous posts here on the forum, I get stuck quite a lot (especially for the things I'm doing, I've gone in the deep end) and posting here too frequently could get distasteful.

    In any case I'd really like to make some friends with this common interest that can work with me in Java and help me out. I really enjoy doing this and I want to progress.

    My Skype name is Falloutkidz which you are more than welcome to add me on. You can also email me at [email protected] or if you'd just like to talk to me through the Bukkit forum PM system I'd be thrilled to get an inbox. :)
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    i added you on skype
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    Posting questions is all well and good as long as:
    1) They're about plugin development
    2) You understand the basic Java syntax
    3) You can read errors if you are receiving any.

    Don't worry about posting questions like "I want to do X but when I do Y it doesn't work".
    If the plugin compiles and runs but doesn't work, these are the kinds of questions we can answer.
    If instead you asked "I wrote this code, it doesn't compile, what do?!" then you need to learn a few things, the most important thing to learn is how to read an exception stack trace so you can trouble shoot the problem yourself and come create a more precise question..

    I have been thinking about writing a tutorial post that contains some simple plugins that doesn't run (but do compile) and letting people learn to fix them. (As well as providing a solution) would this benefit you at all?
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    Hanging out on IRC also helps a lot. ;)
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    IRC for the win indeed. irc.esper.net #bukkitdev
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    Thanks for the informative post. I would love to see a tutorial like this and I would definitely go through all the problems that you presented and try to fix them. Keep me updated as soon as it's available. :)

    I'll go on the IRC now.
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    Based on the fact that you can articulate thoughts, unlike many of the people who ask for help here, you will do perfectly fine :D
    I added you on skype.
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    #gomeow on Esper is a pretty cool place to hang out as well :p
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    Thanks for your kind words. :)
    Glad to be making some friends at Bukkit.
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