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    i am looking for some rpg plugins
    1. a plugin where you can create your own element like fire dark things like that
    2. something like rpgitems i have tried to download rpgitems 2 but i got a error think it don´t works if anyone knows a plugin like that write in the comments below please.
    that is it thanks for reading
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    1. Did you try "CrackShot" plugin (you can customize the weapons)
    2. Did you try "ItemLoreStats" plugin
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    ok thx stick

    crackshot is with guns and guns i don't want on my server

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    can you please explain better what you mean in the first Point?
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    what i am actually looking for are types or elements like fire water or wind and that you can fight with it against others or mobs like you send a flame at a zombie he get hit and get damage but without guns
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    1) http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/minecraft-last-airbender/
    2) Outdated doesnt mean broken until proven. If you got an error please post it!
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    I can tell you right now that you cannot make a successful RPG server without Java and Bukkit knowledge. You could get other developers but you would have to be very organized or they would bail.
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