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    Would like a plugin that lets you save the server up to a certain point using a simple /save-server command. The the plugin would allow for the server to be reset to that point by using a /reset-server command. This would restore all the block's, kick the people and let them join again after the server has been reset. This can be done manually by deleting world but would be much more efficient if it could be done automatically through a command.

    Thank you for reading this.
    Hope it happens and is not much of a challenge.

    ShrineDefense Server
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    If you are talking about "Backing up" you're world file. these plugins should be in order.
    You can also do this manually if you're server is based at home.
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    Yeah I understand these plugins exist however I would like one that automatically resets the server the save that you want.

    Thanks anyways...
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    What do you mean "The Server" do you mean the world?
    If that is what you are looking for, just do /save-off, then /save-all to save it, then simply reboot the server with /stop then open it again, if you are using a hosting company, then, well..... do something else.
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    No No. I mean take for example you have a world with 1 block. You save it as your preferred save. You then add 100 blocks, and then save it. By using the reset command, it will automatically reset the server to the first or preferred save. Therefore meaning that the world now would have 1 block in it again.
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