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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Hawox, May 3, 2011.

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    Hey I'm looking for someone with at least some basic java knowledge to work with. My schedule has finally picked up and I'm getting busy with life stuff. You don't need to know anything fancy (although that would be preferred) but I'd rather not have to describe what a method is.

    • Basic Java knowledge
    • Steam/google talk/MSN
    • Know how to structure a sentence, use capitals and communicate coherently.
    • Have more than a single 30 minute window a day to talk.
    • Mind capable of comprehending programming.
    What for:
    • Help working on uQuest and a few other plugins that I just have not had the time to release.
    • Help upkeeping the wiki
    • Help keep me informed on all the other plugins/Bukkits updates that I have never been on top of.

    (On a side note. Anyone who knows swing and wants to help with the rewriting of the GUI quest maker would also be fantastic.)

    Post here, send me a PM, email me, send a mail on git, or contact me in any other magical way you see fit. All of these send me emails that I can access most of the day and I'll try to reply back as fast as I can.

    Thanks for your time,
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    i may want to help but i am still learning the basics but if you can tell me what to do i can probably do it if i can i will look up how to and at last resort i would ask you but be warned im in this for the knolege not anything else so i have warned you i am also trying to make a plugin of my own so and i own a server so in my free time i will help as much as posible
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    @Adamki11s Sounds interesting and I'd enjoy the help, but I don't know if someone seemingly in my same situation would be best fit. xD Someone like kman but who knows what a sentence is was what I was shooting for. I'd love to have your help but I don't want to add any strain to someone who may have more than I.

    EDIT: Though if you know swing, I'd love to have someone to help with the writing of the new questmaker GUI think I never updated.
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    I would be up for it, i have a good knowledge of Java and id like something to do, college is boring me :p
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    I am sorry to say but I have 1% Java knowledge. I learn very fast and never forget. I am smart, catching-up from others fast and getting perfect. I am sorry if I am not accepted but I would like to experiment. I am mature, never laugh about everything, except when others are not mature in a community, I also do play simulators where communication is essential. Regards, Horia0310
    Add me at: [email protected](dot)c()m (so we will avoid bots adding me)​
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    Sure send me a PM with a googletalk/steam/MSN name so we can talk!
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    I fit these requirements quite nicely, IMO, but I'm only 13 years old. If that in any way bugs you, then stop reading this NOW... I would say I'm pretty basic in Java. I can make mediocre bukkit plugins, and the hardest thing I've done was probably a dinky platformer game for a school project. I'm free a couple hours a day, usually from 5PM-12AM PST. If you can disregard the fact that I'm 13, go ahead and hit me with an email at [email protected].. I'd love to learn some Java from someone like you.
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    Age does not mater to me. maturity and the ability to write your thoughts in an actual sentence is what matters. This is more people than I thought would post in the first day. I'm gonna leave contacting everyone else below this post on hold for a while until I get a good form of group communication.
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    • Basic Java knowledge - CHECK
    • Steam/google talk/MSN - CHECK
    • Know how to structure a sentence, use capitals and communicate coherently. - CHECK
    • Have more than a single 30 minute window a day to talk. - CHECK
    • Mind capable of comprehending programming. - CHECK
    We can use IRC to communicate for a larger number of people.
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    Yeah I was hoping for some posting area that was simpler than a forum. Leave messages for others to check later as well as assign tasks to others.

    EDIT: Could you guys please start sending me your contact info as well as which provider it's under :x
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    Cody Boker

    I'm not sure if this position is still available, but I think I could assist you. I have taken various programming courses and I have been trying to program a plugin for about a week now. Complete and capitalized sentences are my thing, even in game. Comments are my best friends. The whole maturity thing might be a tad difficult but a laugh or two never tends to hurt. So:
    • I know Java.
    • I have Messenger and Steam.
    • I can structure a sentence.
    • I have lots of time to spare.
    • Would love to know more about creating plugins!
    You can contact me at [email protected]
    Or on Steam it's codedude3
    Either way is fine by me. I'm just usually not on Steam.
    I'm usually on here checking up on plugins for my server.
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    Sounds good. Sent you an email and I hope to hear from you. Everyone else seems to have vanished.
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