Looking for plugins. They may or may not exist.

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    I already know there are plugins to do some of this stuff but can I please get the names? I have been unable to find them. If some of these don't exist feel free to try and make it if you are up to the task. But it's ok if you don't. I Really just need to know if these exist, and of they do, what they are called

    A plugin that makes "group signs" when you click on the sign you are placed in a defined group. Option to make users pay. Option to make it so once you join a group you can't re use another sign. Let me elaborate, my server is RP and I want players to be able to select a class (a group) only once. When you choose there is no re using a sign to pick another.
    Then I want people to be able to choose professions (sub group) with a sign If possible the first time is free, but every time out change your profession it costs extra (ex. 1st free 2nd 5000$ 3rd 10,000$ 4th 20,000 ect...)

    I know this one exists i can't find the name. I'll just some examples of what it does. It's like a comand plugin. Example right click this wool to get 10 exp. rightclick this diamond block to get kicked from the server. You get the point, it assigns comands to blocks (I think)

    I don't think this exists but when you enchant an item you get to name it (admins only) like if you enchant a diamond sword and get sharp V you could re name it something original

    I had the name of this one earlyer but I can't find it. It could have been deleted but I need one similar. It had backstabbing (does extra damage for first attack when you attack from behind and attck first, possibly crouching required) and poison attack (small chance to poison when you attack)

    And lastly a plugin that allows the selling and renting of world guard regions through signs.
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    Commands assigned to blocks: ScriptBlock or Skript (for all of a specific block type)
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    ServerSigns does this too..
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    Does what too? The selling of world guard regions?
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    ... Well you can look at their DevBukkit page. But SVS binds commands to signs.
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    I just looked. But I wanted the one that binds comands to any block. And I might be wrong but the one I'm thinking of only binds the comand to that specific block. As in if you made a lever give you 5$ If someone placed another lever it would not give you 5$
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    Config and permissions? I don't understand the whole lever thing, but you can configure which blocks you want.

    Or VariableTriggers, but you need to put in effort to get the enormous rewards that comes with using it.
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    Hmm looks fancy, and fancy = complicated. I think that scriptblock was the one I was looking for anyway. It's simple and I can bind comands to single blocks

    Let me provide a better example. If I make clicking a stone block give you 10 exp then will clicking any stone block give you 10 exp? Or can I make it so only one specific stone block will do that

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    It works almost exactly like scriptblock in use but gives you 100 time the commands avalible and not only can you bind to single blocks for clicking or walking over, you can bind to Areas and have Enter or Exit Triggers, Events such as PlayerDeath or Respawn or BockPlaced, you can bind to /commands or make your own new /commands

    /vtwalk Player <playername> you walked on me!

    /vtclick @IF b <takemoney:<playername>:15> = true
    /vtclick Player You were charged 15 coins, Here is your enchanted sword!
    /vtclick @DROPITEM IronSword 1 Sharpness:2 <triggerloc>
    /vtclick else
    /vtclick Player You don't have enough money!
    /vtclick @ENDIF

    The best thing is that you can @CALL file:script
    other scripts from other files that you can edit by hand and you can use any in game commands
    @CMDOP give <playername> dsword 1
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    Yea... What you just said. A bit out of my league I'm not good at setting up or understanding codes. The only things I know how to do is permissions and setting up basic config files.

    Besides I don't need all that fancy stuff. I just need it for simple things like if you complete a parkour click this sign to get warped out and get some money. Or stuff like that, mostly for events to make the server more enjoyable.
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    ServerSigns... Have you at least tried it?
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    No... I need to be able to give non signs comands. And essentials has all the sign comands i need
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    Btw, can we stop discussing the same type of plugin? The 2 ones I needed most instill don't have. :( group signs and signs for selling/ renting regions
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    GroupSigns: ServerSigns
    Selling/Renting Region Signs: Again, ServerSigns. Flag the WG region as buyable, and add the command to the sign.
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    Oh wow, I'll use that. I'll mess around with it. But can the group signs be made so that you can charge? Or make it so you can only use them once?


    >~< I now realize this is the plugin I was looking for. I think it's also the One that awsome comands to blocks, and the world guard region selling one.
    Thanks for tellin me, and sorry for not looking at it more indepth
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    Both, actually. :D

    You can set up a price for using each sign, as well as a cooldown -- What I've done is set the cooldown to three years. ;)

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