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Discussion in 'General Help' started by DannySan626, Mar 3, 2015.

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    I am looking for a plugin specifically dealing with scoreboards. I know there are tons out there, but I want to narrow it down to the ones that fit my needs the most. Hopefully you guys can help. IF I am in the wrong forums. Please move this thread instead of closing it. I tried finding a topic where my question could go and this was the closest one.

    What I want:
    I want a plugin that alternates the scoreboard to various top 5 (or however many we want dosplayed) stats and the players individual stats.

    How I want it to work:
    Basically I want to set it up by "window". Lets say I choose one to be Top 5 Balances, then the next Top 5 Kills, etc, etc. I want there to also be a window that would display the players individual stats. After that, re-cycle through all the other stats again.

    I will kind of do a frame by frame thing for you, just in case my words are making no sense:

    first slide:

    o Top Kills o
    Dannysan626: 1173
    HeAvYFoX: 767
    10hijop10: 543
    NicolaoNerio: 520
    wolvesrocks1234: 355

    Next slide (maybe after 8 seconds, I would want this customizeable)

    o Top Balances o This would hook into Essentials or Vault
    10hijop10: $45807.75
    wolvesrocks1234: $10833.65
    Dannysan626: $10788.25
    NicolaoNerio: $9990.45
    HeAvYFoX: $200.00

    Next Slide:

    o Faction Ranks o This would display by power count
    Equinox: 220
    SunnyLand: 110
    Homeless: 90
    SexyBeasts: 80
    WeAreNotAFaction: 20

    Next Slide:

    o Personal Stats o
    Money: $18072.10
    Kills: 45
    Faction: WeAreNotAFaction
    TimeOnline: 1h-6m Would display by seconds, then minutes, to hours and minutes
    Rank: [Member]

    Now, a plugin does not have to have theses EXACT features, but I would like one to function how I explained. I have searched, found a couple, and haven't tested yet. But I want to see other opinions or offers and see what I can decide on in the end. Any help is appreciated and thank you for reading.
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    I looked at this, but does it really run slide by slide with different customizeable lists that I can set up? (yes I have read it, but I still do not understand that part). I just watched a video on it, BUT one problem, the person only had one slide that popped up after a few seconds. Here was not multiple slides like I would want to have. Have you used this plugin?

    Any more help still appreciated.
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    I feel like there is no plugin that does what i am asking. Therefore I am thinking maybe a plugin like that would be too difficult to build and be able to use. But I may have to use ScoreBoardStats even though it only allows 1 slide....
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