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    Hello, I am looking for someone to make a few possible plugins for me, or if they exist redirect me to them. Thank you for your time.

    1) War modification (Most important)
    - Can someone make an adjustment to the WAR plugin, where there is a "Last man standing" battle.
    Example: 6 teams. All fight until only one team remains (2-3 people on each team)

    [Link for war]

    2) Possible in game radio via Teamspeak?
    I know there is a plugin where when entering a faction's zone (protected zone) you can set it up where music plays. Or, 3rd party radio music plays. I wonder if there is a way I can link that up with groups within Teamspeak.

    Reason for plugin:
    When raiders get near, they might be able to hear conversation from a different Teamspeak lobby they might not have access to. Thanks
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    1. Thats how that plugin works.. Just don't place the flags and its a Team deathmatch fight instead. Set the lives per team to 1 so when you die you die for good.

    2. Client mod would be required.
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    Hmm... I feel like im doing something wrong then

    (In response to #1)
    Whenever the lives run out of one team (not all) it resets. Do you know what I am doing wrong?
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    If the team has 3 players, set the lives to like 9. Ask the author to add additional support for more FFA like style matches. Don't try get someone to recreate an amazing unique plugin like War, just request a feature in the existing plugin.
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    Alright. I didnt know what approach would be easier. I felt as though if it was a quick modification to the plugin I would ask here first. I'll go over there. Thank you.
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    No problemo, like my post(s) if I helped man. :)

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