Looking for Plugin Ideas.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Minecraft93, Jun 24, 2011.

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    Looking for plugin ideas/requests. fire away!
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    Mirror's Edge-like plugin.... the player must go through a course w/ checkpoints defined by an admin, and has to flip a switch or something at the end to stop the time. Times are saved server-side and players can compete for best time.

    Possibly disable fly, tp, jumpto, etc. while racing.

    People on my server have made a couple obstacle courses, it would be nice if those could be easily usable.
    Also would be nice in conjunction with PortalStick to be able to make timed test chambers.
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    :eek:woa this would be a plugin and a half haha. eh, this might be way out of my league.
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    A weapon damage modify properties that I could change in a file, not in the actual code

    ex: Diamond Sword: 10 damage
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    nice this sounds more reasonable :D! tomorrow ill work on it.
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    Look for CriticalHits or something. Often enough programmed!
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    Look at my signature! :) It is complicated I know XD But most of it is done allready only not in one plugin :(
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    I am looking for someone to make like a hotel plugin, where people can for example type: /hotel (get room or something) and then they would pay if they have enough cash through iconomy. :)
    And if you could add permissions to which "class" people could join, like default could join the lowest class, and mabye VIP with the highest class?
    Mabye kinda hard, but just a suggestion.

    thanks :)
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    turnstile can do that :) first part for sure :p

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