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  1. Hello Bukkit community!

    I am looking for expert developers for my server to make plugins!

    Plugin List(In-Complete):
    • Teleport (/tp, /tpa Teleport Via Portal)
    • Region Protection (Plots Building *Users usage /protect 30 = Protections 30 Block wide from Sky to bed rock Max of 3*)
    • All the common plugins & just want them remade the way i like & with my server name!
    Please Contact me Here Via Pm, Skype: MrMattTech or at Email: [email protected]
    When sending please send a plugin you have made on Bukkit

    Paid per plugin (we will talk about that)
    We will talk about more plugins there!

    Thank you, Matt - UGC Owner
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    Why not just use existing plugins? There are tons of plugins with the functions you are looking for already.
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    Teleport - Essentials
    Region Protection - Residence

    These plugins are pretty much made perfectly.
  4. There is alot more plugins then them too most the one i want are not made yet!
    but i am going to ask him/her to put all the tele & all the small one in the same plugin save some speed
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    Hey man I have made a tp plugin :) it's in my sig

    If you feel like donating my paypal is [email protected]. :p :)
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    I can make any of this stuff. If you private message me we can talk further about this.

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