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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Malo, Oct 10, 2012.

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    Ok, so Me and Double0negative met a few months back during the creation of the survival games plugin. I helped, with ideas, testing and such. But it grew to creating a few plugins, Some of which aren't done yet. Double0 has begun to get very busy with college, servers, plugins, websites and such. So we have began to look for another developer to help with coding so we can get some new features out faster for the plugins. These plugins include:
    and possibly more in the future which we have planned.
    We are looking for someone who is moderately-very skilled at coding java and such.
    Coders will receive credit, and will be under the Authors sidebar on the plugin(s) they help with.
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    Im not the greatest plugin developer, I dont know anything about storing data and hooking into a mySQL database. But I know how to store shit in a file.
    I can give a try developing with you if you want :p
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    Well, I'm interested in joining, I have coded The Walls plugin for Seakip (Which I'm about to re-release with a lot of new features soon, Seakip closed though). I do know how to code websites (CSS, PHP, HTML, JS, jQuery, MySQL and a bit AJAX, I can supply an example of a site I made, but it's in Hebrew...) and how to hook into databases with a plugin.

    If needed, I can create a test server for you to see The Walls plugin in, though videos of its very first versions of it are on youtube, uploaded by our players. Since then, I have added multiworld support and began working on random map generation for it.
    Are there any other requirements?

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    Wrong section ---> Plugin requests
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    Nope, I believe the correct section is the servers section. The plugin request section rules state.
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    wasn't sure either.
    llamasaylol This is not just for my server though, its for the public.
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    Ahh ok I think you've made the right choice of section then. Seems logical to go here.
  8. I may be able to, add me on skype if you like, iKeirNez
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    I might be able to help I am on at least 4 hours a day everyday and I enjoy coding! I have started coding apps for the iphone and android etc... I know a fair bit of Java I have skype, steam and a youtube channel pm me through Bukkit! or add me on steam username is of course Shockwave317
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    My Skype is water.node1, I might be willing to help.
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    Double0 has decided to work on it alone. sorry guys, thanks for applying. If i need anything in the future, ill ask you guys.
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