looking for guidance from server operators/ plugin devs

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by mrvertigo27, Sep 19, 2011.

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    I'm starting THIS plugin project called TweakIt the premise is simple. performance is key, log files should be backed up and wiped from memory every so often, spawn chunks should/shouldnt always be loaded (depending on your preference) maybe an admin wants to load a section of map into memory permanantly but lacks ability to set up a ramdisk (windows users most likely) Maybe youve decided you want command aliases, or whatever "Tweaks" a server owner would want to make for performance or productivity what are they?

    I would love your help in brain storming this plugin so the initial release can be as helpful as possible.

    my ears are open!
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    kinda lost what you are planning to do with this plugin :p

    Can you give a noob friendly description?
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    @Zeeky sure the concept is simple right now, remove log files from memory and back them up.
    AND automatic saving at a specified interval rather than the current read/write setup (toggleable)
    keeping chunks in memory that are high traffic (togglable)
    sweep on start for exploding tnt (togglable)
    other performance enhancements.

    other things that people say they want
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    O sounds great :3
    No idea what to suggest for it tho D:
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