Looking for griefing records on players.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by coach0512, Jan 26, 2014.

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    As some may have read last night, i have opened up a minecraft server with Hamachi looking for a test team. Only 2 stepped forward. And, I decided to op the two. That was a mistake. Using the LoginSecurity plugin, I was able to trace the usernames. I sentenced them both to SimpleSpawn Prison, de-opped them. I plan to find out which one did it, ban them and release the other from prison. I am about to release the two usernames and would like to see if anyone knows which one may have a history of griefing. Here they are:

    [EDIT BY JADE: Removed name and shame.]

    Please reply to the poll if you know anything about griefing histories on these two players. Thanks, Coach0512
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    Just use McBans.
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    I dont even know who did it yet!
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    coach0512 Looking at things, it seems that Aj has a history of bans, but not greifing.
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    Name and shame posts aren't allowed here.

    EDIT (before this probably gets locked):

    As mentioned above, use MCBans. Very handy tool for banning and looking up player history on other servers.

    It has served me well back when I used to have a server going. It'd bring a warning in the chat (not publicly viable, of course) when a globally banned player joins, and displays a few reasons from banners saying what they have done etc.

    So it's worth checking that plugin out. Easily the best banning system around.
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    Locked. Name and shame posts are not allowed on our forums.
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