looking for decent plugins, any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by rykuu, Feb 7, 2013.

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    So I am looking for some plugins to add to my server. I already have Essentials, ModifyWorld, Multiverse-core, PermissionsEx, and SafeCreeper.

    So I am looking for plugins for the following and anything elss you would like to suggest would be great!

    I am looking for the following types of plugins:

    Economy (It's been awhile since I have used one and have no clue whats good these days or even active)

    Shop (Sign shops are Ok, though if there are other cool ones please tell, make sure they are easy to use, and have buy and sell)

    Kingdom plugin (Like Towny (does Towny still exist?), I want something where there can be multiple kingdoms, with towns, taxes, wars, etc... if something like this exists that would be great!).

    These plugin types and others you suggest are greatly appreciated.

    Rykuu D.
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    Towny exists, but due to an odd dispute it's no longer hosted with Bukkit, nor is linking to it allowed. You can use Google, I suppose.

    You could also try Factions, that is the other staple kingdom-like plugin.

    A few that are generically good for most servers:
    - Vanish
    - WorldEdit
    - NoCheat+
    - Orebfuscator
    - DisguiseCraft
    - TagAPI (and a plugin that implements it)

    I would probably recommend another permissions plugin, PEX is unfortunately known to be very buggy. It might seem better now, but in the long run you'll likely be better off with a different permissions plugin.
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    - Essentials (includes /vanish)
    - Worldguard

    Pex may be buggy (you can look this up, honestly i dont run into problems with it) , but in my experience, theres no replacement for it.
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    As long as you don't need Mysql, I think bPermissions does the job quite well (better actually).
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    I have 14 servers running off the same sql backend. Theres no replacement in my case.
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    In my case, I just linked them. Not to sure if you can do it in windows, but it works well on Linux.
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    Considering the servers are spread across 3 dedi's, this wouldn't work either. Every single large server I know uses pex, (by large I mean hits 800+ on a daily basis, including mine) I think the downfalls to it are a bit exaggerated . GM, bperms and all thoose others just arn't viable replacements.
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    the only need i see for PEX is the SQL, for website interrogation. else its simply slowing the server drastically.
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    interrogation xD

    but also, trying to use a flatfile with 150,000 users.. not gunna be fun
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    although i think most permission plugins dont store default users, thus cutting it down by 90%
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    Yes, true
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