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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Malchus, Nov 24, 2011.

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    Hello, I am interested in starting a Minecraft server. I have been administrating a Minecraft server for over 1 year. Recently, for about a month I have been sort of slacking hardcore in terms of Minecraft Administration. I let my server go to shit, so to speak. But, redemption has come and I am ready to begin again!

    I am looking for anyone experienced in server development/administration interested in working alongside myself and many other talented individuals. You must be willing to dedicate your time to the server, while having a blast!

    If anyone, plugin developer or not, is interested in taking this challenge, grabbing it by the horns, and taming it; please open up a private conversation with me letting me know such. In due course, I will respond with further details as this is very vague.

    Best Regards all,

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    Where would the server be hosted?
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    Well what kind of server are you trying to host. I currently am developing a interesting server, been a host for it for over a year. It's had its great times and sometimes its gone to Hell. Maybe we could team up if we are aiming for the same goals
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    Thanks for getting back to me.
    I am sort of looking into the RPG aspect, straying away from hardcore PVP.
    Perhaps we could discuss this in greater depth via Skype? Steam? IRC?
    I'll pm you some contact info.
    Hoping to hear from you soon.
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