Looking for bukkit plugin developer to teach 1 on 1?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by TheTrueReality, May 1, 2014.

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    Hey Guys!

    As my username shows i am "TheTrueReality" also known as "Michael" and i was looking for a bukkit plugin developer that would be able to help me with making plugins by teaching my 1 on 1 and basically check my work. I really want to put a twist into my server having a custom "SurvivalGames" and also a "Custom Game" on there to bring Players.

    I am currently only 16 but really smart with computers and learn things really fast. If someone can help me, by teaching me for the bigger plugins eg SurvivalGames etc. Also some smaller shop plugins etc. I would really love to learn so I can keep making bukkit plugins in the future for my server by myself.

    I can reward your teaching with a rank worth $100 on my wide range network. I am currently partnered with two little servers but they will be moving to there own hub shortly. so it will be my servers only and i want to bring players with unique things and Twists.

    Remember the reward is - $100 Rank on my wide network.

    I don't use youtube to learn i cant keep up i rather be able to ask questions about certain things.. just stating that before you say "Look on Youtube".


    Use the form:
    Any Private Network you have worked on?

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    your only posted plugin is "one more hat plugin copypasted from tutorial", personally i see no reason to waste time especially on someone who unable to read forum rules.
  3. TheTrueReality I think there's a difference between "worth" and "costs". But as stated above, you're not actually allowed those sorts of things on here.

    But anyway, on to the real point: Do you already know Java? If you don't, you really should learn it first. If you don't, you'll quickly run into problems and your potential is severely limited. If you do already know Java, then learning the Bukkit API shouldn't be that difficult for you - it's a deliberately simple thing. If you think these things are hard to learn believe me when I say they're harder to teach.

    I'm not going to say "go to YouTube". But I will say "use a tutorial". YouTube is not the only option. I wouldn't say that a single video has been significant in anything I've learned about Java or the Bukkit API. Different people have different learning styles, so not everybody can just learn from a video, while others think they're amazing. Part of the reasons I didn't like videos to learn from was exactly what you mentioned having problems with - the pace. With a video, you're pretty much limited to three options. You can follow the video maker's pace, you can constantly fiddle about with replaying/skipping etc, or you can find another video by someone else. With a text based tutorial, the pace is entirely your own. Have you tried those?
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    RawCode Being a cynical asshole about things is against the forum rules too.

    TheTrueReality If you need help, just message me with your problems. I can walk you through them and try to help you fix them, but I am not going to write code for you. The best way to learn is to work out the code yourself, despite how frustrated you get.
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    I learned it by playing with the code, trying someone elses code, and think, mhm can this be smarter/easier done?
    Just modifications, and lots of time into it xD.
    If you have a question/error you can always post, Bukkit is a nice community (in my opinion) we'll help you out!
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    I learned Java through the Bukkit API, I cheated the system, you mad?

    P.S I must say that youtube is extremely helpful if you watch the right person, that you can type along with and that explains what the code does. Give www.youtube.com.pogostick29dev a shot.
    Also I hear there is a few books that can help with Java and I know the Bukkit API documents are extremely useful.
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    I learned it from trial and error.
    That's how I learn best!
    I use the API but, I mainly look at code examples, as if they were math problems.
    I look at the problem, then the answer, then the question, and figure out what makes a+b=c.
  8. itzrobotix Most of what I learned about Java comes though my work with Bukkit. But the basics of Java have to be learned on some level first, otherwise it doesn't make any sense and you're just copying what somebody is telling you what to write.

    Can you explain what an int is? A double? Those are all really basic Java things, they're not anything to do with Bukkit really. It's possible, though, that a basic Java tutorial came bundled with a plugin tutorial.
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    I'd rather they made a thread instead of doing it PM. That way other people who have trouble (and actually use the underrated search feature) will get help as well.
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    I had no knowledge of Java beforehand, but whilst working with Bukkit I learned what I needed to know however I would recommend learning some basic Java first like modifiers and return types and about methods and classes they are some of the key things, the learn things like int, doubles (I believe these are called data types?) also such Java classes as String and how to loop and create lists.

    I kind of just watched a video and coded along and began to know how to do things, but I didn't quite understand it until I was able to explain it (Youtube videos) and helping other people, mainly why I come on these forums, I learn something new everyday.

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  11. itzrobotix I still believe that there's a difference between knowing the Bukkit API and knowing Java, and you'll need to know both to succeed in plugin development :p

    And yeah, or more specifically primitive data types ;)
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    Yea and since you learned bukkit without java good luck getting past basic plugins, theres a point where basic java knowledge comes to bite you in the a$$ no matter how much of the bukkit api you know.
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    Yes, but now I know Java, but I learned it through the Bukkit API, not a book etc.
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    You learned java from the bukkit api........Umm what
  15. Onlineids Easy

    public void onEnable() {
    Player p Bukkit.getPlayerExact("itzrobotix");
    == null) return;
    p.sendMessage("An int is a primitive data type to store whole numbers between " Integer.MIX_VALUE " and " Integer.MAX_VALUE ".");
    Learning using Bukkit API! :D
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    Seeeee not as obscure as you thought. On a serious note yes I did learn Java from an API for Java (wat) I wouldn't recommend it however ;)
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    Wow I could learn spanish through the bukkit api as well! Thanks itzrobotix!
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    Just like I learned how to use correct English from it.
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    Don't forgot about java, which you're clearly amazing at.
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    Yep, I'm like Java da vinci.
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    The irony
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    The drama.
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    The katz
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    Okay, Thanks guys for the help :),
    I have spent the last hour's lately instead of sleeping reading Adv tutorial's on bukkit plugin developing and i get it now its really easy, iam going to make a trial/error SurvivalGames bukkit plugin :)

    Thanks All:)
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