Looking for a whitelist plugin that uses a Google Docs form

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    Plugin category: Administration, Web administration

    Suggested Name: Whitelist Automator

    About me: My current whitelist system is manual and uses Google Docs to create a form for players to fill in all the necessary whitelist information. The information is then organized automatically into a Google Docs spreadsheet where I can review each player and add their in game name to the whitelist. My problem is that I'm too busy during the week to constantly add new players.

    What I want: The plugin I want would use the Google forms api to automatically whitelist players. Once players are whitelisted, the plugin would send an email (which is a part of the whitelist application) to those players with all of the server information. The plugin should also check for keywords such as grief, fire, TNT, destroy, etc. and notify admins before whitelisting the player, allowing admins to review the players before they are admitted.

    /wl rev list -- displays a list of all pending whitelist applicants needing moderator review
    /wl rev next -- displays the next page of the whitelist pending players list
    /wl rev prev -- displays the previous page of the whitelist pending players list
    /wl rev <player/number> displays the whitelist application for an applicant on the pending players list (the number is the players number on the list)
    /wl accept -- accept the player you are reviewing (requires /wl rev <player/number>)
    /wl deny -- deny the player you are reviewing (requires /wl rev <player/number>)
    /wl cancel -- close a player's whitelist application without using /wl accept/deny
    wl.revlist -- allows a player to review the pending whitelist applicant list
    wl.revplayer -- allows a player to review a pending application

    Willing to pay: $0, although I am willing to give either permanent diamond membership (normally $15 per year) or moderator status on my server depending on your preference. I will also be sure to mention your name/plugin in all places where the plugin is used.

    When I would like it: Whenever (some time between now and March if possible)

    Additional information: To see an example of my current google form click here.
    If you need to look at the spreadsheet for any reason, send me a private message.

    I found a website that focuses on the google form api:

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    I need this exact same thing! If its already out there can someone link it? If now can someone make it? xD I would love you forever (nohomo)
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    I would LOVE this, only in a greylist style though.
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    Sorry fellas. Best I could do would be a greylist with adding using a command. Sorry.

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