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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by jacklin213, Aug 15, 2012.

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    Come along people, Dev's anyone whos experienced at making plugins.
    Today i would like to interest you on a new project that i want to make with a team of devs
    i would like to make a economy plugin. This is gonna be big if it succeeds.
    I need all the help i can get.
    if you want to join feel free to comment, list what you are good at doing. I will be looking for right hand men for this project
    thanks in advance
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    Why, there are so many out there...
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    I want this to eventually b one of thebest ones
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    evilmidget38 Retired Staff


    Sorry, you said "I want this to eventually be one of the best ones," upon which I was reminded of a certain theme song.

    I wanna be the very best
    Like no one ever was
    To code them is my real test
    To release them is my cause

    I will travel across the forum
    Searching far and wide
    Each skillful dev to understand
    The power that's inside

    Skillful devs, its you and me
    I know it's my destiny
    Skillful devs, oh, you're my best friend
    In a world we must defend
    skillful devs, a heart so true
    Our knowledge will pull us through

    You teach me and I'll teach you
    Skillful devs, gotta recruit 'em all

    Every challenge along the way
    With courage I will face
    I will code every day
    To claim my rightful place

    Come with me, the time is right
    There's no better team
    Arm in arm we'll win the fight
    It's always been our dream
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    the best one already exists, and if none of the plugins that are out there already fit your needs, add a ticket to one of them for an improvement.

    building one from the ground up is almost impossible xD that's not true i know but you get the idea, i hope
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    I kinda have to agree with this xD

    It's kind of like someone starting up a bank in real life and hoping to be the next Wells Fargo of America. It would be pretty hard unless you have some amazing new groundbreaking take on a Minecraft money system.

    Although my skepticism may just exist because I can't code that well. Either way, good luck with your plugin.
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    Looks like you wrote that yourself, nice xD some of us also have other talents xD
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    evilmidget38 Retired Staff

    It's a modification of Pokemon's theme song.
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    oh lol, never saw pokemon that much so i didn't really recognize it xD
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    (Not exactly, but you probably see what I mean)
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    NVM then evilmidget38 love your song I wated pokemon before so I get it lol
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    As someone who recently developed an economy plugin (which I thought was unique at the time), I'm just curious what novelty is left that warrants a new one? Or are you just going to make one that does everything, like iConomy already pretty much does?
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    Tbh I don't even know if i should even start this.... Maybe I'll start off with something smaller
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    I'm half way through the process of rewriting my old economy plugin. However the only reason I'm making my own economy plugin is because the functionality I'm looking for in the plugins is non existing, and it would require work from the economy, shop, factions, and many other plugins' developers to achieve my goal. And since I don't need some of the functionality that already exists, it's much easier for me to write my own set of plugins.
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