Looking for a project to stick with. [Taking Requests]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by DrAgonmoray, Nov 21, 2011.

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    I want to make a good plugin and stick with it.
    What I won't make:
    • Something that's been made before (unless you have idea(s) to add)
    • Projects that are very specific that only a few people will use
    • Tiny projects that to simple things
    What I am looking for in ideas:
    • Large, original projects
    • Something with Spout :D
    • Other stuff I can't think of
    So send some ideas my way. :D
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    Not sure if this is the kinda thing that falls under "Projects that are very specific that only a few people will use" buuuttttt I work with a server and we are in the VERY early stages of making a custom plugin for the server. It's a RPG plugin, that will add classes to the server. It will be using spout eventually :) to add custom blocks that will behave in certain ways, or can be used to make custom items or tools.
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    i want to make a minecraft rts (real time strategy). It would allow control of mobs (similar to that of wolfs) but finer, you can select mobs that you control (then they would be highlighted) (also functionality to select multiple or all of the same type) and send them to certain locations, or send them to attack certain people, this would make combat amazing as you could have a squad of zombies under your control to protect your front and have some skellies behind for support, I would like the to maybe have different modes like defense, aggressive ect, and also if you could give them equipment with a spout gui similar to equipping your character (maby only for zombies) to make things easier ;) i would love to have input on this, also here's a link to the request I started that kinda gave me the idea http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mobarmy.46419

    Edit: something else would be cool, limiting the amount of mobs you could control based on like a taming level? that you could increase by battling with your mobs (when they do damage you gain experience)

    Edit(2): Also! haha im still kinda brainstorming have the mob have a hunger bar and health that is the exact same as the characters, and give them an inventory that if there is food they will eat when their hunger bar goes down (but they will only eat when not in combat)... ohh! and is it possible to have the hearts appear over their head with spout? that would be a really cool plugin of its own! show everyone's health over their head!
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    Your description is kinda vague. :|
    hmm, maybe. Might be more trouble than it's worth.
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    ok just message me if your interested! I envision some large scale battles that are more than a few people knocking the crap out of each other with swords, instead there is strategy, command, and fun!
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    What else would you like to know about it? PM if you'd rather that :)
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    Help me with spout minimap?
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    Dear DrAgonmoray,

    I am looking to have a plugin developed. It might be to small for you to even consider, but maybe not. A link to my requestion thread is HERE. You might be able to do more with the plugin, maybe add a bunch of cool features that I can't think of or something, maybe not. If you don't want to do the plugin I understand, if you do that's awesome. Either way thank you for taking your time to look at it and consider it, and good luck with whatever plugin you decide to make.

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    How can I help?
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    Texture designing, image rotation, code review, etcetera.
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    you want a request to stick with,
    involving spout,
    how about a togglable full window/screen map, could hook into dynmap or similar with live player markers.
    this is something thats lacking (not sure if its possible as of yet with spout) however it is something that I see as being useful and capable of being a long term project.

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