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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Teffan, Aug 13, 2011.

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    Hi guys!

    Im looking for a plugin thats when you use the correct tool on the correct block it rewards you by giving you an extra drop, for example:

    break a wood block with a shovel an dyou get 1 wood
    break a wood block with an axe and you get 2 wood

    This is something i have found within the Aether mod and would like to implament this into my server!

    Any suggestions as i cannot find something like this on the plugins list!
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    As JWhy suggested OtherBlocks can do this - here's a config for your example:

            - drop: DEFAULT # any tool drops the default 1 wood
            - tool: ANY_AXE
              drop: WOOD
              quantity: 1         # the axe drops an _additional_ block of wood
    You could also go more hardcore :D

            - drop: NOTHING # any other tool drops nothing
            - tool: ANY_AXE  # only the axe drops wood :D
              drop: WOOD
              quantity: 1
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    you could also try to use mcMMO, an RPG style plugin with xpSystem for almost everything
    Ex. You are digging for rare mineral, you found a block of diamonds and, if your mining skill is high, you could get 2 diamonds instead of 1.... but the skill let you also to repair tools, armors and weapons... just give it a look
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