Looking for a plugin to remove/nerf ALL tnt within a map

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Jonzky, Mar 1, 2011.

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    Basically, there has been a few people who have spawned mass amounts of TNT within the server. I have rolled back using BigBrother to reverse the damage from the TNT but it seems that I am unable to rollback the TNT itself.

    Are there any ways for me to remove all of these items in a clean-swoop to help my server get back up on track?

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    Use WorldGuard.

    You can set it up to prevent TNT detonation. What will happen is that the TNT will detonate, there will be a brief pause for players standing in the blast radius, and then all the broken blocks will be repaired. Can do the same to prevent Creepers from exploding and to prevent fire.


    Also, if you go into the world folder and find the player data packages, you can just delete the packages named after the offending players to delete their inventories. The player data is usually kept somewhere like Server%Root/World%Name/players/.
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    Thank for the reply/

    The only issue is the amount of TNT that is within the map, I have installed WorldGuard and this prevent any of the detonations causing damage.

    Is there no plugin that will allow me to easily remove blocks such as TNT? I looked at iStick but it seems to be outdated.
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    WorldEdit is your buddy there (I think you have to have installed that already to be able to run WorldGuard!). It can't do the entire world but it can wipe out all of a given type of block found within a region defined as X blocks distance from whereever the admin player is standing. It's not perfect, trying anything more than a range of 50/100 tends to crash the server, but it's the best solution I can think of that doesn't involve taking your server off line and using a standalone map editor.
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