Looking for a non-dependent NPC shop plugin.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by NinjarakuPwnz, Feb 21, 2014.

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    I'm looking for a plugin to make Shop NPC's, i like citizens but don't want to run Vault to support it, still looking but Any suggestion as to plugins that are stand-alone and can make a NPC as a shop keeper? I've seen a shop plugin with a Inventory screen like shop menu which you set items, but never found out what its name was. Basically looking for a plugin I can have a NPC villager to buy/sell/trade items for other items, Using Essentials economy plugin

    Also, WG Regions isn't allowing PVP when i set the flag for PVP allow in a region to make a small PVP arena, there a permission node or somethings i need to add to a rank or a flag im missing that has to be added as well? Or is it because for the World file pvp is disabled, the region is set to priority 6, highest for the highest priority within the other region. so thought it would work but players still can't damage one another.

    Server is online and running, /plugins command still works publicly if anyone wants to see the list of plugins im using if that helps troubleshoot =)
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    Why don't you like using Vault? It doesn't use many resources and is very handy for many plugin developers to use. Also, that GUI thing that you saw is a custom plugin, (or it's a plugin I've never heard of).

    Finally, is there another region overlaying the Non-PvP region? If so, that overlaying region will take precedence over the Non-PvP region. And I would think it would be the world file disabling pvp =/

    Try looking at the WorldGuard wiki and see if you can figure it out, good luck!
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    Using PEX for permissions setting, going to give Vault a try hoping the other plugins don't break XD Thanks for the tip =) And for WG, from what i understood since the area i set as priority #6, as the highest number within the region, should cause it to override the region its sitting on which is priority 3, but i think its a permission node that got left out for the default rank, but checking everything =)

    Just Added Vault And it hooked into 4 of my plugins, AND no errors woot.
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    I think you're looking for BossShop. It has a optional dependency with Vault though.
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    I'm now running vault, didn't cause a single issue with any of my 1.6.2-1.7.2 plugins for the server, got BuyRegion and setup so players can rent shops to sell to other players with essentials trade signs, so player market is now done,

    Still having the issue with PVP in the region, it's highest priority and i flagged it with god-mode deny so now players take mob damage, but still no PVP damage, imagine im just missing a permission node or flag.

    Granger Exactly the plugin i was looking for, Thanks!

    Dolphin26 Wanted the option to use cash balance for item purchasing instead of only trading items, but will keep in mind because we are still deciding if we'll add non-craftable items as a form of currency, Aiming to give an Adventure Style Gameplay like trading smelted items for a non-craftable item with a set worth, so NPC's would look Great within the server shops, Thanks for link!
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    I know Traders for Citizens uses the Inventory screen UI
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