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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by ImperialKris, Jul 27, 2015.

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    Suggested name: CustomList

    What I want: Hey! So I was on a server the other day and seen a cool custom /list plugin! It looks really cool and I was wondering if someone was able to make it, it is probably simple but I know nothing about coding. Basically what it has is the list of the staff ranks down the side like this:


    and when no one is online in that category it would say "N/A" and when someone comes online from that group then it would display their name and when another person from the same group came on it would say: "[Helper]: person1, person2" An example of what I am looking for can be found here:

    Ideas for commands:
    /setrank <player> <rank> (Helper, Head-Helper, Mod etc.)
    /setdefault <player> (Removes them from the /list)
    /list (Displays the main command like this: )

    Ideas for permissions:
    No permissions needed for viewing the list.
    cl.setranks (Used for /setrank and /setdefault)

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible
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    I can make this for u.
  3. essentials can do this.
  4. @ImperialKris Go to your Essentials config and find "list:" around line 305 (by default). It will let you sort your /list how you like it.
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    Hey! Yes, I know that essentials does this but I am looking for this plugin because it has the setrank commands and I think essentials, you can't add in your custom format.
  6. @ImperialKris

    Version: 1.1

    Here is the new download:
    You will want to see the textfile with the new command /list reload. It will reload the config file for whenever you make changes.

    I also removed the Show-All-Players option (for now).

    Installation just requires you to delete your old config file (it's okay the copy & paste the old groups) and generate a new one.
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    Where is the textfile?
  8. Updated the link above.
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    When I try to change the format, the order of ranks or add names then it resets the config
  10. Fixed the issue. New version available. Just drop it into your plugins folder and you're golden.

    I'll work on getting those add/remove commands for the list. Suggestions on what the commands should be?
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    /setrank <player> <rank> (Add rank to selected player)
    /rrank <player> (Remove someones rank)

    Request: Can you make the commas in between Dark gray please?
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    fyi essentials can be any format

    I have an entry called "High-Staff" which lists two ranks, and "Donors" which lists 3 ranks, others that list the rank itself, and others that make up a new title for just one rank each.

    However, all that alerting-stuff yes, thats not included.
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    I know this works, but when you try to do it, it shows the prefixes of the ranks and when I disable them then they disappear in chat.
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    There are some fiddly ways to make that work by modifying the combination of name-altering flags in the config, and explicitly using pre/suffixs in the format strings so that the name is untouched by pre/suffs when used elsewhere. But it takes a fair bit of trial and error.
  15. Version 2.0 of GroupList:
    • /ilist
    • /ilist reload
    • /setrank (srank) <player> <group>
    • /removerank (rrank) <player>
    • GroupList.use
    • GroupList.admin
    • GroupList.reload
    The DropBox link has two textfiles with more in-depth information. I'm possibly going to change the command back to /list, and if people don't like Essentials also being called when you type /list then disable the /list command in the Essentials config file.

    If you have any suggestions just tahg me, and @ImperialKris hopefully you're happy with the plugin. Mark as filled if you have no further request for the plugin.
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