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    Hello I host a popular and dedicated server MajorCraft. I was looking for a developer who can help make plugins for the server they will have owner permissions. Just they would need to make requested plugins if possible. Please if your interested comment with plugins you have made and why you should be developer. Thank You in advance.

    P.S. Sorry if this is in wrong category
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    Sure ill do it. Im fairly fluent in java coding and im willing to give just about anything a shot. Ive written an anti grief plugin called MinecraftSecondLogOn thats currently in beta under the bukkitdev (http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/minecraftsecondlogon/) give it a try and if you like my work then im your guy. Just give the word and we can start a direct dialog for you to request plugins.
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    My Plugins
    TheHungerGames(WIP) Coming Soon
    AutoCommand(Coming Soon)
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    Icyrelic devinatkin Do you guys have skypes? And would you mind making plugins for the server and approximately how long does it take you??? Lastly if you look at threads i started can either of you guys make those plugins thoe are what i news to start if you can you got Dev if you can't msg me and we can figure something out Thank You Both! If you don't mind i might pick both of you.

    Any one else wanna be a dev of MajorCraft

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