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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Octane, Sep 14, 2011.

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    hi guys, just curious if yet there is a good anti greif plugin, im hoping for something that you say,..... maybe does something like, new players, non admins or anything that way, can build, and delete their own blocks or dig around, But they cannot destroy other peoples blocks and only admins can? is there something like that, i know before it was like you had to designate a certain area to be anti greif? stuff like that seems to be rather annoying/time consuming in my opinion, thanks!
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    Whitelists are your safest protection. That or closed server with access only given to those you trust.

    Other then that there isn't any 1 single plugin that can do everything you would want. Also there will always be players who are too stupid to follow guidelines to protect themselves.

    For example I use border guard, world guard, logblock and have used big brother in the past. As long as players pay money (game money from selling items) to protect an area it is 100% safe from griefing. But when they hand out child protections (rights to build in an area) to random players or start building in areas they do not yet own (I was GOING to pay for protection) then you start running into problems.

    Personally I love my system which I adopted from another server I played on. It offers 100% protection, gives players something to try achieving (because of the costs) and allows players to "own" parts of the world which drives people to build giant cities.
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    Nocheat: block flight, item hacks, and much more
    Logblock: keep logs of every block change (so you can find every griefer, and undo any damage with 1 or 2 commands)
    and some Antibuild plugin if you want a guest-member setup
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