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    Here's a nice plugin that let's user connect to the server limited by groups.
    This means that you can set it up that only 20 guests can connect at the same moment, 30 prepayed users, 40 VIP users and unlimited mods and admins.
    It also queues the users so they have to wait in a line if the server is full for their group and also if they do not try again in less then 2 minutes they will lose their place in the queue.

    So my suggestion is for someone to update this Open Source plugin and add the functionality for MySQL.
    The idea is that if the data is stored into MySQL data we can make a .php script that will show the queue list in a web page - atm that's not possible so everybody is in the dark, are they next in the queue or there are 20 more people before them.
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    Or maybe display their position on the server-is-full message (ie "Server is full! You are number 4 of 15 in the queue.")?
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    Yeah, that's a good idea, that was in the original plugin.

    The original, the first, idea of this plugin was called LoginQueue here's a link -> http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/admn-login-queue-v2-13-queues-players-when-server-is-full-1337.390/

    The problem is that the developer stoped updates.
    It has the feature you said about and it was with MySQL support.

    Anyone that sees feature in this plugin and is willing to work on it?
    It is really greate. The feature to limit slots BY GROUP is just awesome!
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    Think I used to use that plugin. :3

    Limiting by group is actually a unique idea; I don't think there are any plugins that do that.
    I'll be watching... This thread. :p

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