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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Hanyuu, Jan 2, 2011.

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    This is probably one of the more critical plugins out there. Just something that takes all changes to the world by players (block creation, block deletion, etc), and logs it to a database. Also useful/awesome would be the ability to undo changes by a player.

    LogBlock for hMod already does this, albeit the reversion is rather shoddy (it crashes the server :S). A port would be nice unless someone wants to do it from scratch.
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    LogBlock's developer is working on a bukkit one as far as I know. I think it will be improved.
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    Is this much like the hmod big brother plugin because i think that does the same things :)
    Maybe that could be ported over by someone if not the person who made it?
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    LogBlock stores all block changes, creations and placement to a mysql database for quick query and revision.
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    I'm pretty sure boots said he was going to bring over LogBlock.
    And I'm also going to bring over a new version of BigBrother.

    So you'll have just as many options as before :D
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    The database would be massive.
    Every block edit would be logged. Thousands of blocks are placed and deleted a day.
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    It's around 300mb for 7 days worth of logging on a 40 man avg server.
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    That's really not bad at all; one of our servers at work (from 10+ years ago) was working with a DB larger than that with no real issues. Your main issue would be if the table was over-indexed or not indexed at all, but, aside from that, the SQL databases are meant to handle issues like that.
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    actually not bad at all, given that my server is run off of a 400GB free space (2.5TB Raid)
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    ... I want. I had to repurpose an old dual-core server with two 72GB SCSI drives in it. :(
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    well funny thing is that this is my HTPC/File Server now also my Minecraft Server, so it only has an Athlon II X2 4GB DDR3, the drives i bought back in Spring 08 (4x640GB, due to space now in Raid-0). But with the change to bukkit (at some point) i might need a better server since it will use more threads (thank god)
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    I don't know much about SQL but I'd certainly like to see one of the logging plugins for bukkit that would dellete entries of a certain age eg. after a log entry is a week old or something.
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    Actually, you don't even really need that to be part of the plugin; it'd be a good feature, but, you can also write a cron script in PHP / Python / whatever to connect to the DB and run something like the following:

    DELETE FROM some_table WHERE date_field < DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 7 DAY);
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    Yeah I figured something like that, I could probably whip something up easily in Python

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