LogBlock/BB without MySQL please!!!

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Should antigrief plugins have an option to not use MySQL?

  1. Yes

    44 vote(s)
  2. No

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  3. Don't use MySQL at all

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    The MySQL server is on that free host someone recommended to me. If I do it on the machine, I get some "unable to create file" errors. And in the early 2000s, you could get a machine with a 3 GHz processor, and my cousin did. Meanwhile, the RAM is rapidly becoming bigger and cheaper.
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    [offtopic]You really can't compare processor speeds across cpu generations or brands. While raw GHz might not of change much cpu architecture and instruction sets have. For example a single core of a Core2Duo vastly outperforms a single core of a P4 that was .5 GHz faster. The past decade saw the introduction of SSE2, SSE3, SSE4, AVX, and other instructions sets which makes a modern 3 GHz 64 bit core for more powerful than a 3GHz 2001 core.[/offtopic]

    It sounds like the unable to create file errors is a permission issue. I'm not familiar with mysql on windows (bless you package managers) so I'm not sure what it could be. Something about your windows settings is unique and causing issues.

    Do not forget there are H2 databases as well.
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    I'm actually using MySQL on Mac OS X Server.
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    Not really BS, just PEBCAC. If the plugin could not connect to the server, then there is clearly a configuration issue, since BigBrother, LogBlock, and HawkEye all work just fine (just tested myself to be sure).

    I'm not sure where you got this information. RAM and CPU both increase nearly quadratically, and have been quite consistently since the early 1970s. Servers do tend to lag from slow network connections. However, CPU load is not a lag causing issue for servers running well-coded plugins. Some plugins may do what's called blocking, where a plugin which has a long running task will take over the CPU while it does it's job, which will cause lag. This is not a consequence of an inadequate CPU, but a poorly-coded plugin. I do not question that there is load, but I do question that the CPU usage of anything that touches Minecraft (not exactly the most efficient thing in the world) comes close to the processing efficiency of MySQL (one of the most optimized, well-maintained, OSS projects in the world).
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    Same thing, there is a permissions issue where MySQL can't write needed files. MySQL should be writing the error to a log file.
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    Actually, it just stopped working with that other MySQL server that was working before.
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    if you want a non-sql now, use SuperLog. it logs well, but you cant rollback.
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    Yeah, I'm using that now. I wanted LogBlock because it is better even for just detecting griefing, but it recently broke...or the free MySQL server is down.
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    Can you give me an example configuration file? I have no clue how to format the username and such. Such as: kr3m1in or [email protected](Ipaddress shown on PHPMyAdmin.)

    I'm new to MySQL, and I'm hating it so far.
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    Geoff Winans

    There's a serious flaw in your desires here.
    Flat files have an innate and brutal limitation when it comes to reading/fetching/finding data. Your bog-standard server with only 3-4 people on at any given time might be okay, as long as the logs purge weekly.
    In the case of servers with 6+ people online at all times actively playing - you're going to end up with enormous log files that take vast amounts of time to parse/search through. Not to mention corruption - alter a single line in any one of the log files and it's game over.
    My server, with 6 people actively playing over the course of 12 hours generates ~500k rows of data in MySQL. Text files start getting hard to parse after ~50-60k.
    MySQL (SQL DBs in general, excepting SQLite) is a superior alternative to flat files in all ways;
    • Portable format
    • Remote storage (if necessary)
    • Indexing for fast data hunts
    • Easier to do range searches (date, X-Y-Z, playername, block types, timestamps, etc)
    As far as the CPU vs. RAM angle.. MySQL is almost always entirely Disk IO bound. CPU is very, very rarely the source of concern.
    If MySQL is crashing and you're hosting it, review the log files. MySQL doesn't crash unless you've run into a s showstopper bug or you've got bad memory/hardware.
    Make sure you're on MySQL 5.5 - if you're on 5.1, you are running a 6 year old release. MySQL 5.5 severely reduces the overall memory footprint and offers enormous performance benefits (as long as you are using InnoDB - MyISAM is slower in all respects compared to InnoDB with 5.5 (or 5.1 + InnoDBPlugin).
    If you've got trouble with your MySQL DB, feel free to ping me. I'm a DBA by profession. I know how to fix this stuff.
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    I don't understand, format the configuration file for LogBlock?

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