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    Hi there, I'm planning a role-play server and I would like to have this plugin I'm going to explain :D

    Every door/chest would need a key to be opened (Maybe a key for each player, with the name "Key of ..." and that key would only open chests and doors placed by that player.
    Other players can lockpick their doors/chests with specific tools with durability, wich is reduced every time they try to open something. Every tool would have a chance to open the door.
    I would like to put custom IDs to keys and lockpick.

    It's pretty similar to other plugins such as LockPick but I haven't found any which works with keys.
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    Hey dude! Can't make new items or change names but you are talking about adding abilities to existing items, right?
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    If you would like to actually create a new item, you'd need Spout.
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    You can create a key-item for Lockpick&Rent.
    For example you can use as a key-item a map with specified number. For example map:5 will be key for one door, map:10 for another. And diamond - for third.
    You can check this video at 01:20 for example.

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