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    ok so my idea for a simple plugin. is to do 1 thing and do it very well.

    Lock down would be a plugin that simply allows server owners to set a space that requires you to be a group to be in,

    Groups Would not stack up and Spaces inside spaces would be a must have.

    By stack up i mean if the group players are allowed in it dose not mean the group vip is allowed in.

    I know hmod plugin's like cuboid do this but i don't need all the cuboid junk just to do a simple task borderlands dose not really do this its system to let you out of a space is all or nothing not good.

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    Don't know if you can specificaly prevent a player from entering an area, not unleas you walled off the area with a door that only a crtain group could open. On the other hand, it should be easy enough to modify player permisions based on their location and group so that, even if they can get into an area, they wouldn't be able to do anything.
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    You could just move a player back to their previous location any time they try to enter it. Wouldn't be that difficult.
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    lol, I just thought of that, came back here to edit my post. Yes something like that would be easy ehough to do.
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    That would be quite useful if you could also do it in reverse so that you can make it so certain groups aren't allowed out of an area as then you could make a spawn trap without using blocks :)
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    Reverse would be no problem either. I'll give it a go once bukkit gets more meat on it's bones.
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    Cool, i look forward to trying that out :)
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    Yeah wouldn't be hard to do. But it would be awesome if bukkit developers came up with a way to make the player not able to move into the zone at all. At the moment only way i know is to teleport the player to the block he came from and that makes it "bouncy", meaning if a player continue to walk into the zone he would keep getting teleported back to the block he came from.
    Writing this i come to think about you could maybe actually keep teleporting him to the edge of the zone (just before he enteres the area) that would make it a bit less "bouncy"
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    What about inserting an "invisible block"?
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    it wouldn't make much of a difference tbh
    --- merged: Jan 3, 2011 10:54 PM ---
    It would just crash the client due to a block that doesn't exist
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    I guess so :(
    Would be funny if each time you generated this block you would crash
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    It would get rather tiring very quick trust me on that.
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    Trust? What trust? :p
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    Trusting that I don't kill you by punching your face through my screen?
    and by getting annoying I mean once you do that and see it you cant even log in as you insta crash.
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    Dude, calm down wtf
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    damn I really wish I could use tone of voice oh well nah I wasn't raging just being bored with the gist of a fist through screen thing
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    I like this idea, This would help prevent griefing and would also allow for a space where chests could be stored that only certain groups could access, or a secret building project where only a few players were allowed so they could work on it, then they could toggle the blocking of the area off and allow others to come check out their creation!

    Loving this idea, would like to try it out when it gets going!
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    The reason behind why i said that if a player can enter a space (be in a space) it should not mean that every group higher than player should also be allowed in the same space as players.

    if this is the case it would mean you cant just make a space for the new players that join cause the older players (higher Group) would also go back into the new player space and as a server owner i don't want that. if i wanted them in there i could just add them to the list off allowed groups/players.

    ^^ that i see is the main feature that is different from Cuboid's Restricted space and borderlands.

    the idea of keeping them in a space is a good 1 but it can already be done using not letting them in.
    how 2

    say i 5 spaces that are (build zones) and the space between the build zones is a no go zone aka no normal person is allowed in the space.

    step 1
    make a zone that covers all 5 build zones (make sure you have a good 10 or so block clearance on all sides.

    step 2
    go to each of the 5 build zones and make a serlecion just for that space then set who is allowed in that space.

    providing that spaces inside spaces work if they are allowed in 1 of the 5 zones but not the outer zone (the 1 form step 1) they will not be able to leave the zone they are in because to leave they would be entering the no go zone

    (this is how i did it with cuboid on my server)
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    You can use the permissions features of cuboid

    /cmod "cuboid name" toggle-restrict etc.

    Only the people/groups on the allowed list would have access to get into there.
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    No No just no your stupid that is all your just stupid i explained why cuboid would not work shh, again for the tard above me cuboid allows admins or any higher group to enter player only space FAIL..

    Now as for my huge bump it can be explained a plugin of this kind has still not been made and i need it for my server to function.

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