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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Bobit, Aug 23, 2014.

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    I've been dabbling in redstone since my programming computer has been down for a week, and I came up with this problem:

    I need to give the killer of a specific player an emerald in vanilla minecraft.

    Here's the solution that I came up with:

    Put each player on a separate "team", each with its own team color. Give each of them their own respawn point. Give each player an objective with the compound criteria teamkill for each color. When a player dies, you can identify the player who killed them by their score of 1 for the killed player's color. Give them an emerald and reset that score to 0.

    Here's the problem with it:

    The player's nametags are colored various meaningless colors, which is annoying (especially considering there are only 2 teams). Also, it uses up the teams, which means that anything that tries to use teams for a more important reason (i.e. actually identifying teams without plugins) will glitch it up.

    Does anyone have a better idea?
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    This is a forum for bukkit plugin development only. To ask this question, please go to another site.

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    Ok. What website?
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    Wait, you trying to make this in a command block or in a plugin?
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    Command blocks. Doing it in a plugin would be easier, tbh :p
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    It would be much easier, indeed. Try MinecraftForums for help - this is for plugin development not command block related issues. :3
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    K. inb4 d31331
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