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Discussion in 'General Help' started by XCHoCoMaNX, Apr 5, 2015.

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    Hey Guys ! I created a mine craft server on my local host and I would like to play with my friend on the same network but when i go on a different computer (in the same network ) and put localhost:25565 in the server IP it dose not work even thow it work on the computer where i created the server ! pleas help me guys !!!
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    That's because "localhost" is the address of the computer you are on. If you want to connect to the computer with the server on it, find its IPv4 address and use that instead (ipconfig in a cmd window will do the trick, it'll likely start with 192.168)
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    so i need to find the IPv4 and use that as IP for the other computer ! but will it work if my friend (this time in an other network ) puts the IPv4?
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    If he's in a completely different network, you're going to have to use your external IP address. Simply google "What is my IP" and give him that IP address.
    Do note that you should forward port 25565 on your router in order for the firewall not to block your friends' connection.
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    Thx You Are Very helpful ! Unfortunatly i do not want to do any port forwarding so i will only be able to play with them when they come over :)
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    To fix this just go to the windows button and type cmd. go to that and type ipconfig. then scroll up and look for ipv4 address it's most likely 192.168.something.something if you give that to the people on your wifi it should work. But if you have already port fowarded you should go to and then just copy the ip thing there. That's the ip that u give to your friends. BUT once you've copied that ip and give it to your friends they still have to add :25565 at the end of the ip when they type it in.

    Oh if you wanna port foward go back to the cmd program thingy and there should be default gateway near ipv4 address. (type ipconfig) Then once you've got that go and type the number default gateway thing into your browser (use google chrome.) Then you should come up with a loging screen the default one is
    username: admin
    password: password
    Once you're logged in you should see some kind of applications/portfowarding tab if not just look up on youtube how to port foward for <Router Name/Kind.> Then you should go to the tab and thingy and type in your ipv4 address to all of the ip address boxes and same for the port put 25565 in all of them or whatever your port is. Then hit save and done!

    Simple only 3 paragraphs long. XD
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