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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MegaMadness, Aug 14, 2016.

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    I have a question that has been pondering my mind for a while now.
    I am trying to start my own Minecraft server, and I need help with finding a plugin. Can anyone please help me?


    Let's say "x" is the amount of players needed to start the game, and "y" is the time set for the countdown.

    I want a Waiting Lobby plugin for my server.
    Let's say that someone went in Skywars, a game that requires "x" people to start. I want a plugin that teleports them to a certain area before the game starts. They will wait in this area until the amount of players has reached "x". When it reaches "x", a countdown begins. The players have to wait "y" before the game starts. While waiting more players can join and the game can reach x+3 for example. After the "y" amount of time has finished, the players are then teleported to the game.

    This is a system like Hypixel, Mineplex, Hive and alike.
    Is there any plugin that can give me what I want, or similar?

    Warm Regards,
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    @MegaMadness, there's an important question there. What minigame plugins are you using? You will have to find compatible system, which may require custom code.
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    Unfortunately, I have no experience in coding custom plugins. That's why I try to search them. :p
    I have not started creating my server yet, I'm just asking in advance.
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    If you want this server to be popular you are probably going to want custom plugins.

    There are waaaayy to many servers that have exactly the same minigames. It's getting really old.
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    I guess you're right.

    True. But where do I find Developers that are willing?
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @MegaMadness Custom plugins aren't always needed, sometimes different configs are also enough.
    But as Tecno_Wizard already pointed out: it depends on the minigame plugins that you want to use, for some it might be easy, for some it might be hard.
    Workaround could be that it just executes commands.
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    So basically... it depends what Mini-Games I have?
    Is there no plugin that can work for all of the Mini-Games?
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Not without a common interface but minigames don't have that.
    So that would require black magic.
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    How does Mineplex, Hypixel and Hive do it? Do they code a new Waiting Plugin for every single game?
    Or do they use black magic? xD
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    They code their game on top of the waiting plugin.
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    So.. they code it to be compatible?
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    As far as I know, they might also have it as a separate project so when they modify the lobby then it modifies the lobby for all minigames (handy method if you ask me)

    But in this case I would suggest that the plugin will just call commands to join the players and execute the start command.
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    Just a note, from what I've seen of their minigames I think they're built on top of a custom API that the dev team of Hypixel has written. That means that all their plugins can talk to each other and so it's not hard for them to implement a waiting system. So no, not black magic. Just a really rich server that can afford a nice dev team ;)

    I don't think you're going to be lucky enough to find what you want just poking around on Bukkit. Either you'll have to make it yourself, which requires you to learn how to program, or do a plugin request on the forums. Someone (maybe even me ;)) might be willing to make it for you.

    I hope this helps!
    - Rayzr :D
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    All depends on who does it and how, hooking in a couple plugins isn't that tricky.
    Maybe somebody just needs to start writing an API of some sort used for talking to minigames.
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    Well I'm working on a general minigame API that will literally change how devs think about making minigames. Ok, yeah, I'm hyping it a bit but it could literally allow you to make minigames in a single .java file! :D

    It's still a long way from being completed, but when it's done... it'll be amazing.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Will put it on my todo list :p
    API can also work in multiple directions so that is also something to keep in mind (I have some ideas already)

    @MegaMadness Let us know what you want, what plugins you want to use etc, then we can take a look at how we can make it happen.
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    I wouldn't say no to some help, but you seem quite busy already, being a moderator and all :p

    If you want to check it out though, you can find it here. I haven't worked on it much lately because it's dependent on another one of my libraries which is in need of quite a bit of work.

    I'm thinking about moving away from the dependency on my other library, but that would mean re-writing a lot of the stuff from it... still, having two dependencies is annoying.
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    @timtower @Rayzr522

    Well, I plan to use a few Mini-Games like:

    I'm also planning on using:

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted not allowed paid resource url>

    To connect the servers together.

    As I said, I did not make the server yet, but I like to know what I need and want in advance. :p

    Of course, I will be using much more plugins than that, but those are the ones that I have planned right now.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Bungeecord requires offline mode.
    Offline mode is not supported by Bukkit.
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