Solved Load my plugin after a pluginA has loaded and not before

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by james137137, Jan 29, 2013.

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    I have a small problem.

    With my plugin ( it requires factions plugin to be loaded. how do i make my plugin to load after factions has been loaded?



    I can ofcourse use pluginmanager to enable it after Faction is enable but that isn't going to be a solution when released to public
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    toothplck1 Retired Staff

    In the plugin.yml put a line such as this: "harddepend: Factions"
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    Isn't it "softdepend: [Factions]"?

    I may be wrong, just curious...
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    toothplck1 Retired Staff

    softdepend denotes that it will load after if present, but doesn't require it, harddepend will prevent your plugin from loading unless that other plugin is installed on the server.
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    Thanks toothplck1. topic is and marked sovled btw it does need the []
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