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    im trying to build an underground city in my server that i would like to soon make public, but i keep finding myself needing to place torches over and over so is there any way to somehow make sunlight shine through blocks or something similar?
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    turn off monsters?
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    Flashlight plugin
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    Open your file with a text editor (I presume you're a Windows user, try opening it in Notepad.) and set "spawn-monsters" to "false". That will prevent mobs from spawning.
    As far as letting light penetrate through the blocks, it seems like a pretty bespoke mod that wouldn't really useful to anyone else, after all, placing torches will help you retrace your steps if you get lost? :p
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    Eddie: Don't assume he's an idiot when he actually made it this far. He installed a mod that's still in release and found it on his own. I believe he tried the original Notch server software first. And he's probably familar with the server properities ;)
    Just had to correct you.

    The Author of this post: When it comes to lighting the closest I know is RoadWalker which was/is for
    Ask the author of that plugin if he can make you a plugin that places torches automatically around you depending on what level your stading on or what so ever. For Bukkit of course.

    It needs a pretty complicated system to do what you want, at least to make it effective. It might be able to do something with chunk control but I don't think Bukkit have that hook yet.

    Until then, you need to do it the traditional way ;) or get the flashlight client mod. Like stated in one of the other posts/comments.
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    i know about the properties and everything, monsters isnt the issue, i'm in the middle of making a huge underground city and its hard to place hundreds of torches when i want to see my progress
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    If you want it easy, I'm sure there's a mod which will dig the city out for you.
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    could you point me in the right direction, so far Ive been using mostly istick to place TNT all around the walls and than detonate them, a plugin that would dig out large caves would be wonderful, also, I'm trying to make the floor flat with bedrock, is there any plugin that you know of that would make a large flat surface?
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    Ye sure, mod to dig and everything is ok but...

    Think on a plugin, where u mark an area, u activate it and this area is marked as day! So the entire server has day/night cycles, but this particular area har lights everytime, with no needs of torches or anything.
    This would be the greatest Thing i ever seen. I really didnt think this was possible, but as tkelly made a flash light plugin where he can create light with no need of a torch or a lightstone, well, I think this is makeble.

    If this could be integrated on cuboid or similar, would be great too.
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    would it be possible for every block to have the same glow effect as the jackolantern?
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    I think :3 If you modify the client you surley can. When it comes to server however :/
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    Try world edit, it has an "super pickaxe" mode. It can remove 5x5 blocks for each hit etc. etc. Depends on what you set it too :p
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    got world edit, and it works great :) thanks
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    No problem ;)

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