Linux screen script, problem huge rollback :(

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by oglop, Sep 15, 2011.

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    Hello I'm using this scirpt (I thnik not latest) it works good, but I just came home and I found that server is offline (dunno why anything in log) I started server then I found that something caused huuuuge rollback and I think it's happened by this script

    what can happen? can anyone gimme an idea where to get some log file or so?

    thank you
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    That script is very complicated and has been running your server through RAM. Chances are, you ran out of RAM and whole bunch of things fell apart.

    As far as the rollback, there is nothing that you can do about that. Next time, you should make more frequent backups.
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    I see, thank for explenation :)

    do you think I can use this script with RTK? (remote toolkit)
    I'm not that good at bash, but I hope it shouldn't be hard to combine it with screen script.

    Or do you have any other solution for auto save and auto restart (for clear ram)?
    Thank you
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    The script copies RAM to disk every 30 minutes. How can there be a huge rollback then?

    You did check your ram to disk destination folder, right?
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    yes I did .. .I loaded it from there, but nvm I'll use RTkit and I would have to regenerate whole world bcz of 1.8
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