Links in chat ARNE"T WORKING

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by eat_potato, Dec 8, 2013.

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    They aren't working at all for anyone, no perm whatsoever helps.

    Heres my plugin list:

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    I can't see your plugin list, but yeah this is kinda annoying! :C
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    <sarcasm>I really don't think it's a good idea to note that you are running a DEVELOPMENT build. There WILL be bugs.</sarcasm>
    Please report your bugs on
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    Why so hostile? No wonder nobody likes you. Leaky never responds- and links are working for OTHER servers you ignorant. And Tupay here :p

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    Removed posts discussing unofficial builds.
    eat_potato The correct place to report bugs would be leaky. Flaming a user trying to help you will not get you any help faster, more if you dont supply any information about your issue at all, such as a startup log.
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    Ah, thanks! :)
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    I'm not flaming, just he is being a dick to me on one of my first posts in bukkit. I've reported to leaky but the new dev builds don't fix it so i'm more than sure it's a server size thing.
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    I have the same problem, we're also having doors not closing properly. Seeing as people can't access the links to vote for our server is kind of annoying. I'll have a look at leaky.
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    eat_potato By saying "links in chat don't work," do you mean that links are edited so they no longer form valid URLs (i.e. becomes forums bukkit org) or that users can post valid links (but can't click on them)?

    If it's the former and you have EssentialsChat installed, give users the and essentials.msg.url permission nodes. This exempts them from the URL-stripping filter.

    If it's the latter, you should wait for a recommended CraftBukkit build -- this issue is likely caused because of the new chat features in Minecraft 1.7.
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    Ah I mean no- players do get them edited but OP's don't- nor does the autobroadcast. i.e Someone with quite a bit of subscribers makes a long thousand+ views series on my server, I want to link my players but I can't. I.e in chat I post
    Please checkout so and so's channel: and they cannot click on it, nor anything else I post unlike in previous bukkit builds or other servers -.- i'll wait for the new CraftBukkit rec and yea, thanks.


    is it happening to others?
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    There's been like 5 of these threads in the last couple days. It's a known problem. Just wait
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